How to Choose the Best Car for Traveling Long Distances


Choosing a vehicle for a long-distance trip is more challenging than driving for hours. There are hundreds of answers to the question of what is the most comfortable vehicle for long trips. Yet, the best options will have the following seven features for the best driving experience!

1. Roomy Car Interior

Traveling alone or with a company, a person needs the convenience of sitting and movement. Both breadth and height of the car’s interior are significant! In this case, an SUV might be your priority. Sure, you do not want to touch the ceiling with your head on bumps or muddy roads.

Also, your travel vehicle has to be roomy for small things that you will not put in the trunk. For instance, you or your traveling partner(s) might need to use a laptop. Either way, there will be hand luggage during the trip.

2. A Sufficient-Size Trunk

Yes, you might head off with the minimum of items. In another story, you might need an inflatable boat. Anyways, the trunk must be spacious enough to accommodate all necessary things.

By the way, putting food products there will be a bad idea even if the trunk is enormous! Research shows that the food temperature increases severely when drivers store products in the trunk. Therefore, drivers better put all vast objects in the back compartment and have space for food in the ventilated part of a car.

3. Adequate Fuel Consumption

The best car for a long drive is NOT the one that consumes minimum fuel. Comfortable cars for long trips usually “eat” more! According to The National Academic Press, fuel consumption depends on:

  • The engine;
  • The fuel;
  • The efficiency of power transmission to the wheels.

Given that you will drive fast, the power transmission has to be higher. So, the most comfortable vehicle for long road trips is the one with adequate consumption. Not too little, not too exacting, but sufficient for accelerating and keeping the speed up.

4. Technology to Overcome Obstacles

Curses in the form of bumps will not only cause discomfort but can also damage the car. The SUV of your choice does not have to be a vast tank though! The most significant thing is the technology that allows driving on mud, grass, ice, bumps, etc. 

The first associated car with a good ability to overcome obstacles is Jeep. This vehicle can be your exemplar for choosing your most comfortable car to drive long distances. You can learn how it functions, where are jeeps made, and then still choose something cheaper.

5. A High-Quality Shock Absorber To Soften Your Driving

Usually, SUVs have appropriate shocks that make a trip go smoothly. The best way to understand if the damper works well is to test-drive a car you like. If its shock absorber is of high quality, then your potential car:

  • Will have a short stopping distance;
  • Will not give out vibrations;
  • Will go smoothly over bumps and small pits.

6. Accident-Avoidance Tools and Systems

Enjoying a fast drive always comes with peril. So, comfortable vehicles for long trips must be 100% safe in parallel. Of course, there are obvious things like seat belts and airbags. But also pay attention if your future car has a(n):

  • FCW (Forward Collision Warning System). This handy gift of technology detects your speed and the speed of a car in front of you to avoid getting too close;
  • Lane departure warning system. This thing serves as an alert if you drift out;
  • Pedestrian detection system;
  • AEB (Automatic Braking System). This thing will stop your car automatically in case of danger;
  • Parking sensors.

7. Extra Features for Comfort, Convenience, and Fun (Optional)

Things like stereo systems and video monitors decide the vibe of your trip. Some devices might be odd, but high-quality radio is a must-have. Also, pay attention to how many options of chargers your car has. Comfortable cars for long trips will allow you to charge your phone, tablet, and laptop.

The Verdict

The most comfortable cars for long trips are roomy, safe, and can overcome obstacles without trouble. If you want a smooth trip, be attentive to shock absorbers and extra safety systems. Also, do not ignore cars that consume a sufficient amount of fuel! You need it for accelerating and keeping the speed up. And if there is a high-quality stereo system, your comfort will get multiplied by a memorable vibe.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.