Five Casino Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid


Everyone has an opinion on how to dress for a night out at the casino. Most prioritize looking glam over anything—after all, what locations allow for ostentatious dressing like a casino? Others will instead look to fit in so they don’t stand out as a newbie at the tables.

Regardless, fashion and casinos have a long and tangled history. In the last half a century, casino gaming has gone the way of convenience, with many opting for t-shirts and shorts at brick-and-mortar locations—as well as a trip online. Today, many former casino-goers now go to their computers when they want to play, which includes live table games, such as roulette or blackjack.

But even a fully virtual casino will still have a few callbacks to high fashion. In these situations, a live dealer will still need to dress the part of a gracious and professional host—from accessories to blazers. For example, live dealer games at Wildz include an experienced pro who will shuffle, deal, and otherwise recreate the live experience.

But what about actual establishments, from Monaco’s Monte Carlo to Macau’s City of Dreams to Vegas’ Bellagio? Those looking to stand out while looking like they belong can avoid these five fashion faux pas.

Dressing to Impress (While Standing)

An ornate evening gown is how many leading ladies in James Bond films dress for the casino. Though gorgeous and poised, these women would typically be seated at a table in a live experience; one of the most common mistakes when heading to the casino is opting for a heavier and long gown that looks best when standing.

Whether or not you plan on going all-in at the tables, remember that you’ll likely be seated at one location or another. Choose an outfit that looks good and feels comfortable either way.

Emphasizing Price Over Flair

Once again, the James Bond-inspired female casino-goer tends to wear brands like Valentino or Dior in the blockbuster hits, but there’s no need to emphasize high fashion prices to fit in. Instead, opt for pieces with flair.

What’s the difference between a Saint Laurent Collar d’Or and your knockoff piece? In the soft lighting of a casino, there isn’t one. Don’t forget that, just like in poker, the bluff can be a power move.

Letting Yourself Blend In

As mentioned above, one of the primary missions for casino fashion is to make someone look like they fit in, while also letting them stand out with the usage of color, texture, or design. Whatever your inspiration, don’t be afraid to go all-in while heading to the casino.

After all, it’s one of the only places where flamboyant and daring fashion is well-received outside of major fashion weeks. In other words, no matter how much of a fashion risk you’re about to take, know that you probably won’t be the only one on the casino floor with a bold look.

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Forgetting a Cover-Up

Fashion has never abided by logistics, but there’s one huge caveat for casino-goers to keep in mind while dressing: air conditioning. Given that most locations still allow smoking on the floor, casinos use high-powered AC units to keep the air moving. The result can be incredibly low temperatures, regardless of the climate outside.

While skimping on coverage isn’t new for the fashion-forward, keep in mind that a shawl is a great way to stay warm while seated at a table.

Shopping for Outfits at the Casino

High-class casinos like the locations mentioned above in Monaco, Macau, and Vegas will have luxury shopping available at every corner. Those who second-guess their chosen outfits for the casino might be tempted to wander inside and select something local.

Avoid this move at all costs, as retail prices at casinos are incredibly exorbitant. Think you really need another look for your night at the blackjack tables? Opt instead for a vintage location, which can often deliver on unique looks with flair—at half the price.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.