5 Lifestyle and Fashion Trends We Expect to Be Big in 2022


From nurturing our well-being to making sure we look good, new fashion and lifestyle trends are surely to change over time. It is evident as all aspects of fashion and lifestyle have seen a shake-up over the past few years. As 2022 begins, people are coming up with new ways to both ensure their well-being as well as look good. Below, you will find a list of the different lifestyle and fashion trends that expect to be big in 2022.

Colour Experimentation

Nowadays, people seem more open to experimenting with bright and bold colours. Colours help create an emotional connection with other people and definitely attracts attention. In the fashion world, this can help lead more people to fashion products, including clothing and accessories.

Colour is one of the key factors people consider when buying particular clothing. This is because it can evoke different feelings and emotions, and even represent masculinity and femininity. Colourful dressing, therefore, helps influence others’ perception of you, but also what you feel about yourself.

Meditation Practices

Everyone is unique, and so are their challenges and quests in life. However, some issues we face are quite universal including a tiring day at work. These issues are why many people might decide to meditate and sit in silence. It has been proven that meditation helps you feel more content and happy.

Over the past few years, most people around the world have become somewhat worried about their future, however, meditation can be that one activity which keeps us grounded and living in the moment.

Retro Returns

Fashion and lifestyle trends are always part of a never-ending cycle where previous trends re-emerge and take on a new contemporary twist. This can be seen in 2022 with the increase in popularity of retro and vintage, which is inspiring millions of outfits around the world. It even trickles into other aspects such as the music scene as well.

An example of retro fashion that seems to have made a comeback in fashion is the chunky sneakers like those by Fila which were popular in the 80s.


People are becoming more aware of fashion and its role in climate change. That’s why there is an uprise in the sustainable fashion movement. The movement fosters change in fashion products and how the fashion system to better sustain ecological integrity.

Leading sustainable fashion manufacturers are working hard to make the entire process, from design to manufacturing more efficient, so that they can minimize waste from the get-go.

Making Home Feel More Like Home

Since people have spent more time in their homes after the pandemic, sprucing up the home environment has been on many people’s agenda. In 2022, we can also see an increase in having dedicated offices for work at home which do not deter from the house’s feel. To make the home feel like home, people are adding bright colours and natural light.

This creates an interesting dynamic, where one can be both productive and also have some fun by for example, playing the Cleopatra slot, all from the comfort of home.

The Bottom Line

Fashion and lifestyle always go hand in hand. Improving your fashion positively affects your lifestyle. Take an example of clothing; wearing something you are comfortable in will boost your self-confidence. In return, you can be a social person or become more productive. So, stay up to date and keep up with these new trends!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.