What You Need to Know About a Fox Eye Lift


Fox eye, a designer or cat eye, is a beauty trend rapidly gaining popularity among celebrities, influencers, and supermodels. The fox eye lift procedure, a cosmetic procedure, concurrently lengthens and lifts your upper eyelid, dragging the eye into an almond shape and accentuating the eyes. The process is non-surgical. This article informs you of what you need to know about fox eye lift.

1. How fox eye lift works

During the fox eye lift treatment, a certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Jay Calvert, administers a local anesthetic and utilizes a mix of surgical threads (thread lift) and tiny incisions to tighten and lift the muscles and skin around the eyes’ outer edges. This helps minimize drooping eyebrows, excess skin, and wrinkles. To attain this, a surgeon utilizes surgical threads, which the body eventually absorbs, stimulating collagen production, which further lifts and tightens the skin surrounding the eyes. The procedure creates an elongated appearance and lifting effects on your eyes, identical to a cat’s or fox’s eyes.

2. Do fox eye lift results last?

Fox eye lift results vary based on a patient’s lifestyle, activity, metabolism, and the medical-grade thread used for the treatment. PDO threads usually dissolve between six and twelve months, meaning they’re semi-permanent. Other threads last longer, with others lasting for several years. Nonetheless, PDO threads offer a higher volume or plumbing effect for a refreshed look. While the collagen regeneration effects last longer, they eventually fade because collagen naturally starts to break as time lapses.

3. How fox eye lift compares to blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty, an upper eyelift, eliminates excess upper eyelid skin and fat. This is mainly conducted where the eye droops due to extra skin, hindering a patient’s vision. The blepharoplasty seeks to correct this problem. It removes the excess skin, giving you a more youthful look. The difference between fox eye lift and blepharoplasty is that in fox eye lift, the eye’s upper corner is pulled back then the eye’s corner is tightened. Blepharoplasty and fox eye lift are often done simultaneously because the incision is similar. This removes the excess skin and fat, pulling back the corner.

4. Why you should try fox eye lift

Getting a fox eye lift has several benefits. As people age, skin elasticity reduces, leading to sagging eyebrows. This causes a flat, droopy eyelid and makes one look older. A fox eye lift corrects this issue while giving you a youthful look. Combining fox eye lift with blepharoplasty for sagging and drooping skin can be helpful.

Fox eye lift surgery’s outcomes last long, and the confidence they give you after addressing a problem is invaluable. Since the procedure is non-surgical and involves minimal bruising, recovery is relatively fast. In the first initial days of the treatment, you should avoid things that cause eye strain. You may also experience bruising and swelling for around a week, after which you heal. You can then return to your routine as you anticipate to recover fully.

5. Possible fox eye lift risks

Fox eye lift has potential risks like any other medical procedure. Patients may experience soreness, inflammation, and bruising around their eyes. They might also suffer bleeding, infection, and severe drug or anesthesia responses. Nevertheless, these risks are rare and can be reduced with proper post- and preoperative care.

End note

Fox eye lift is a relatively new trend in the beauty industry. Familiarize yourself with everything about it to determine if you should try it.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.