Staying Safe While Online Dating


Meeting someone for the first time can be daunting, especially if your first impression occurred online. But, these ten rules will ensure you have a successful and safe first date.

1. Shorten Your Name

A great way to stay safe when online dating is the use of a nickname. Following this, you can also choose a shortened version of your full name to show on your account. Doing so avoids the ability for other users to track your personal social media pages.

2. Don’t Send Explicit Messages  

Even if you feel as though you trust someone online, or think you know them very well, do not send explicit messages. Once you send something online, it cannot be taken back. It is a dating safety measure to limit what personal information you share online.

3. Never Send Money

No matter how much you trust or think you know someone, do not send any money online. It is one of the biggest scams so, steer clear.

4. Don’t Connect with Suspicious Profiles 

When online dating, it is important to recognize when a profile does not seem legit. Avoid contacting a person who has only one or two photos on their account. A profile lacking a bio or good quality images showing their face is a big red flag. 

5. Unique Photos

Use unique photos on your dating profile. The photographs you place on dating sites and apps should be separate from those that you use in your social media or work accounts.

6. Trust Your Instincts 

Strong Hearts Helpline notes that if you have scheduled a date with an online match but suddenly feel uneasy, it is okay to postpone or cancel. Following your gut is very important in staying safe online so, don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

7. Let Your Location be Known

Always tell your friends and family your whereabouts when going on a date. Online dating is a fantastic resource in finding a potential partner but, your safety is the most important thing. It is good to be overly cautious.

8. Have Your Transport 

Ensure that you have transportation to and from the date. It is crucial that when meeting someone new, you take extra care to protect yourself and avoid any possibility of placing yourself in a vulnerable situation. 

9. FaceTime or Video Call

It is a great idea to set up a video call with a partner that you met through online dating. It provides a level of comfort and assurance that who you believe you are speaking with is them. Catfishing and mask-fishing are always a risk when speaking to someone online. Using the same level of caution that you bring to real-life situations and transpiring them online will ensure you stay safe.

10. Meet in Public

When choosing the location of your date, you must pick somewhere public. Other people in your surroundings will not just kill those first date jitters but create a safe environment and atmosphere.

Online dating is a fantastic tool helping you to find your perfect match. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to online dating with every niche and interest catered for. Examples range from Christian dating sites to Asian dating sites, Vegan only platforms, and many more. Caution while online dating is vital. Follow these ten tips, and you’ll be sure to find your perfect match and stay safe while doing so.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.