10 Effective Video Marketing Strategy You Cant Ignore For Your Fashion Brand

Since the advent of video, it has captivated the audience and made a significant mark on the lives of the viewers. The collective use of sound, visual images, movement, and color makes it highly impressionable on the user. This has led brands to explore the use of video in digital marketing, and that has paved the way for video marketing.

Video-based marketing gives potential viewers a holistic view of what they can expect from the product or service. That way, it becomes easier for them to make a pick. With video emerging as the most preferred form of digital content, brands from all industry sectors are now looking for ways to leverage the power of video.

Among the different sectors, the world of fashion is one that stands to gain the most from video-based marketing. For fashion brands, videos are the closest encounters that potential customers can have with the brand. It presents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate one’s offerings and convince a potential customer of the utility of the product. Here are ten effective video-based marketing tips that fashion brands can consider.

Incorporating Brand Colors in Videos

The central idea of using video in marketing is to get potential customers to be familiar with your brand name. For the best results, make sure that your video has the brand colors and the brand logo. With millions of hours’ worth of promotional content being uploaded every day, it is easy for your fashion video to get lost unless you introduce originality in your content.

Social Media Stories

Most social media platforms give you the luxury of live videos. Since these videos are available only for a day, there is a major FOMO associated with them, and people are likely to watch them. You can present social media stories where you talk about processes like shooting your latest collection or talk about how you got the inspiration for a particular collection.

Influencer Collaboration

If you have a celebrity endorser for your brand, try to come up with collaborative videos where the influencer talks about their journey with your brand. Alternatively, the influencer can also talk about a particular collection from your brand or how your brand stands apart from the competition. Since the celebrity influencer would have a huge social media fan following of their own, collaborating with them will go a long way in improving your brand reach.

Cross-promote Your Content

Creating a video requires hours of planning, filming, and editing. To get the maximum ROI of your video initiatives, make sure that you cross-promote your content as much as possible. While you may have more fashion enthusiasts on YouTube, it is wise to post your video on the fashion groups of Facebook. Encourage your viewers to engage with your video by liking and commenting on them, as that will help increase the reach of your videos.


Today, shopping with fashion brands is as much about the product as is about the service offered. For promotional purposes, you can consider asking your satisfied customers to record short clips where they talk about their experience with your brand. Such videos make your customer feel important and sow the seeds of a loyal relationship. At the same time, such videos are instrumental in attracting new customers to purchase from you.

Knowledge Video

An easy way of establishing your industry dominance is by convincing your viewers of your expertise. You can create knowledge videos to demonstrate such skills. Examples of such videos include ones where you demonstrate how to take care of fashion accessories or explain the multiple uses of a fashion product.

Posting such videos on your social media pages ensures that potential customers keep coming to you to gain knowledge. That way, they become familiar with your brand name. Later, when they set out to make a purchase, they are more likely to choose your brand.

Event Videos

Event videos play a major role in demonstrating an inclusive brand culture. For example, if you are organizing a runway show, it will not be plausible for you to physically accommodate all your followers. In such situations, if you can come up with event videos that give them glimpses of the show, it will make the followers feel valued. You can also consider walking the extra mile and creating behind-the-scenes videos for the runway show.

CSR Videos

As a fashion brand, you must be participating in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events wherein you give back to society. Try to create videos wherein you demonstrate what you do and how your initiatives help in the betterment of society. Promoting such videos make your customers feel good about the money that they spend and that makes them more likely to become a loyal customer.

Optimize Your Fashion Video

Understand that there are hundreds of fashion brands competing for the limited attention span of fashion enthusiasts. SEO optimization is an effective way of ensuring that your video reaches the eyes of such people.

Include keywords in the video title and description, and remember to add subtitles to the video. Try to use appropriate hashtags and optimize the video for mobile viewing if you are keen to see the best results.

Be Consistent on Your Content

The world of fashion is ever-evolving, and you need to deliver consistent content if you want to survive on a long-term basis. Try to come up with a content calendar where you decide what type of content to post on which platforms and how often you will do it.

That way, you ensure that fashion enthusiasts who follow your page are not disappointed. When such people are happy with the content that you post, they are likely to spread the word among their peers and give you word-of-mouth marketing.

Video allows fashion brands to bring the world of glamor to the fingertips of potential customers. With the above tips, you can now steer the growth story of your fashion brands and attract more customers to making a purchase from you.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.