Top 6 Outfits with Booty Shorts for Women

Booty shorts are the headliner of the printed rave and party fashion, and there are a bunch of excellent reasons for that fact. These crop bottoms are designed to be sexy, provocative, alternative, and suitable for wearing as a part of different outfits made for stealing the spotlight on the front stage.

Below, we will take you on a rave ride through the best outfits with booty shorts women love! All you need to do is pick your style, dress it up, and enjoy having all eyes on you!

#1 Booty Shorts & a Bra Top

Booty shorts and bra tops are a couple made in the EDM heaven. Both cheeky and stylish; both comfy and off-beat – the combination will give you the freedom to dance, move, jump, and enjoy the party spirit to the fullest.

For an extra “Wow” effect, you can add a matching neck gaiter and use it as you wish – as a protective face mask, a neck warmer, a hair accessory, or a soft wristband.

#2 Booty Shorts, a Boob Tube & Thumbhole Sleeves

Another mesmerizing booty shorts combination to consider for those who’d love to go strapless is the boob tube and thumbhole sleeves outfit. It will instantly give you the alluring “bare shoulder” look, blended with the streamlined and classy touch of the elastic spandex sleeves.

Once again, you can add a multipurpose bandana and use it as you wish. It can be a light beanie for the summer nights or a balaclava face mask for those who’d like to get viciously rave!

#4 Booty Shorts & a Hooded Crop Top

Is there a way to consolidate rave sex appeal and street fashion vibe into one simple two-piece outfit? Sure, as long as you add booty shorts and a hooded crop top together in it! With a high waist, high spirits, and high class, the hoodie set will bring worlds together and help you rule them all!

This outfit goes perfectly with an amazingly broad assortment of footwear – from savage platform boots to foxy high heels, colorful sporty sneakers, and even light flat summer shoes.

#4 Booty Shorts, a Skirt & a Long Neck Crop Top

Cropped, printed, and elastic mini skirts are the new black in party fashion, especially when styled with a pair of high-waist booty shorts as a base layer. Or else said – no longer have to choose between a rave skirt and cropped rave bottoms – you can have it all in a single mind-blowing garment!

To make it picture-perfect, you can round out your looks with a matching printed top, designed with a long neck to bring extra protection from dust and droplets during large gatherings.

#5 Booty Shorts & a Matching Cold-Shoulder Top

Have you ever been wondering if short bottoms can actually go well with long-sleeved tops? The answer is right before your eyes, and it is game-changing! Off-beat cropped tops with bare shoulders, cutouts, and long sleeves with thumbhole finishes are nothing but supreme with booty shorts, and so will be you.

To design your epic rave win, you can choose a matching set, or you can hand-pick a top and a bottom that look well together. There is hardly a wrong way; there is only your way!

#6 Booty Shorts & a Scoop Neck Printed Top

Finally, we have here a classic and all-time favorite look that brings the scoop neck back into the game. The overall impression of the combination is balanced and gorgeous – bringing old-school cuts and modern high-tech designs together in a chic style made for rocking the night away.

The brighter, the better! The wilder, the better! As rave, freedom, self-expression, and good times rolling are one and the same thing. You only need to get yourself ready for the experience!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.