6 Fashion Hacks to Help You Unleash Your Wild Side


Animal prints and nature-inspired designs are fast becoming a popular choice for many trend-setters today. From leopard-print boots to snakeskin themed gloves, it almost feels like we’re stuck in the jungle—a very fashionable jungle!

For those who haven’t jumped into the “wild fashion” bandwagon, the good news is that you don’t have to make such a big change to update your wardrobe. Here are a few simple tips you can follow to pull off that fierce look:

Bring Out the Ferocity with Leopard Prints

If you want to showcase your daring and brave character, one great way to do so is to wear something in leopard print. While there are different types of clothing items that can have a leopard design, some are less intimidating than others. That being said, it should be fairly easy for you to pull off fashionable leggings with this feline-tastic print. Pairing them with a plain top and solid-color boots can make you look sleek and fun.

Moreover, leopard-print skirts also blend well with neutrals or colors such as pink, navy, and green. And if you’re not too fond of wearing clothing with leopard print, try accessorizing with bags, scarves, or shoes instead. Anything that features those lovely patterns is a super-easy way to look wildly stylish.

Embrace Snakeskin Clothing

While snakes don’t have such a good reputation as a friendly animal, they are also seen as mysterious creatures. You can leverage their enigmatic nature by wearing clothing with a snakeskin pattern. It’s a step above snakeskin accessories and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Indeed, there’s nothing like a snakeskin print top or pants for a bold and captivating look. Snakeskin wallets, hats, shoes, and bags are already a popular item, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with the pattern for clothing items as well.

Make a Sexy Statement with Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights might look like a cop-out when it comes to animal prints, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to pull off. You can quickly look too daring or too edgy if you don’t style them properly. Fortunately, you can add a splash of class and sophistication to your look even while wearing your favorite fishnets: layers. Wearing a dress, skirt, or even waistcoat in a less grungy design can tone down the sexiness of fishnets, making you look more put together and skilled at styling yourself.

Look More Natural with Earthy Tones

Wondering if you should toss out your earth-tones because “wild fashion” is more about animal prints? You don’t have to. As it turns out, even solid earthy colors are part of this growing trend. You can still wear subtle earth tones such as ochre and sienna and pair them with brighter colors and more intricate patterns. It’s really up to you how you want to express your wild side, whether it’s with the more expressive animal prints or the tamer neutrals that evoke the colors of the wilderness.

Be Bold with Your Accessories

Bring out those safari hats, animal print cuff bracelets, and bear head rings, as they can help you achieve a “wild girl” look. While flashy and attention-grabbing accessories such as low-hanging necklaces and huge hoop earrings are very stylish, they can easily look excessive if you don’t know how to balance them out. As with any outfit, it’s all about knowing how you want to look and dress up so others can appreciate the personality you want to exude.

Bring Out the Boots

Leopard, zebra, and tiger stripe print boots are a fabulous statement shoe. They’re great to put on when you’re wearing a more understated outfit; they do the talking as you strut around in them. It’s a quick and easy way to show off your fierce personality.Showing off your wild yet fashionable side doesn’t have to be hard.  Whether it’s donning animal prints or wearing colors, textures, and patterns that evoke the beautiful environments where majestic creatures live, you can create a truly wild fashion statement that’s uniquely yours.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.