How to see who blocked you on Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most growing social media platforms that has helped millions of people to make themselves famous in the world. You can use Instagram for various reasons. If you are getting bored you can start swiping over your Instagram feed to check what is going on in the world. To get in contact with your far away settled friends, Instagram can become a way of communication. Well, Instagram is not about fun only but sometimes you start facing problems because of this social networking channel.

What if you wanted to talk to someone but they blocked you for whatever reason? How would you know that someone has blocked you from their Instagram profile? Yes, there is a possibility that someone has blocked you and you might not have any about it. Also visit here. This is something that you might get to with time if someone is not active enough on your profile or you are not able to check their profile or their profile doesn’t simply is unavailable. If you are getting a feeling that someone from your followers has blocked you, then simply check for their account by searching for it.

A hint that someone has blocked you

Someone was following you or you used to have a look at their Instagram account on a daily basis but that account doesn’t show up whenever you search for it anymore. This might be a hint that something is wrong. If you used to stalk a public account but that doesn’t show up in your search bar that means whether the account has been suspended by Instagram, or the owner deleted it themselves. 

There is another reason why you can’t access that particular account anymore because they might have simply blocked you due to any reason. How can you confirm that someone hasn’t deleted their profile but blocked you so you don’t get to follow them anymore or have a look at their life and posts. The only way of confirming your doubt is to check for the profile by entering its username in the search bar where the profile used to pop up before. If the profile doesn’t pop up anymore and their display doesn’t appear anymore that is a sign that the user has blocked you from their Instagram handle.

Instagram never sends a notification

Recently if you have stopped receiving likes from a specific person and their posts don’t show up on your Instagram feed anymore then there is a possibility that something is off about this situation. There is only one way to confirm what is wrong with the ongoing situation. First, you need to check whether the likes from that specific person show up on your old posts anymore or not. If their likes have vanished from your old posts too and they don’t exist in your follower’s list plus if you are not following them anymore then all of these signs indicate one outcome. 

You have been blocked by that person. You might not get an idea of getting blocked for months by someone on Instagram because it is not going to notify you. You get the idea of getting blocked by someone when they stop liking or sharing your Instagram stuff on their profiles. Once someone blocks you on Instagram none of their likes and old comments are going to appear on your post. Others might be able to see them if they don’t delete them by themselves but you won’t be able to have a look at them anymore.

Make another just to confirm

Instagram is never going to send you a notification whether a specific person has blocked you from their Instagram or not. It is totally up to you when you get the feeling that someone has done that to you. Once you search for the profile and it didn’t appear in the search bar, this doesn’t mean that the user has blocked it. There are other possibilities too for Growing Instagram Followers. Like we have said above that sometimes accounts get suspended by the Instagram authority due to any reason. Sometimes the user deletes their profile themselves and this doesn’t mean that the person has been blocked. If any of this happens the profile of that specific person is going to show in your search bar. You can make a search using your own Instagram account and enter the user name if it doesn’t show up then you can use a search engine too. Yes, you can search for the same person’s Instagram profile on a search engine. If the profile appears on the search engine but not on your profile this is the answer to your question. It means that you have been blocked by someone from their Instagram handle and you won’t be able to have a check on their posts anymore. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.