4 Women’s Date Night Fashions for Winter


Although winter is a season when people spend more time indoors, cuddled on the couch, it’s nice to get out every now and then. With the right apparel pieces in your wardrobe, you can be ready for a night out whenever the mood strikes. Check out these wintertime date night outfit ideas as you’re putting together your own unique looks.

1. Wear Thick Tights or Leggings With Skirts 

If you think skirts are only for springtime and summertime, we have one word for you: Tights! Wearing tights can extend your warm-weather pieces because you can wear them together. Tights are also incredibly versatile and can provide as much as or more warmth than pants. Donning a pair of stylish tights works well with a skirt of any length or a dress. A floaty dress looks great over tights, and you can make the look a little more casual with a pair of sneakers or ankle booties. 

2. Layer a Long-Sleeved Tee Under a Sweater

Photo Unsplash by priscilladupreez 

Wearing layers is the best way to take control of your own comfort. During your date, you might go from place to place, and the layers will keep you warm as you move in and out of heated locations. You can always shed a layer if you get too warm, but on a cold winter night, you’ll be glad you have extra warmth. 

Try layering a long-sleeved tee under your favorite sweater. A thin T-shirt won’t add too much bulk, so the sweater will still fit you comfortably. You’ll look stylish whether you’re wearing a button-down cardigan or a pullover knitted piece. Add a pop of interest by choosing a sweater with a bold pattern, like an animal print. 

3. Add Warmth With Shackets

Another way to stay warm while looking great is to don a shacket. Shackets are key in women’s winter fashion trends 2021, and they’re cute and functional. A shacket is a warmer overshirt that can be worn buttoned up or open as a top layer. Wearing an oversized shacket can also keep you comfortable during your evening out. The larger size makes it great for layering, as you can easily top a T-shirt/sweater combo with a loose-fitting shacket.

4. Choose the Right Kicks

Your footwear is an essential aspect of your look, and you want to look great when you’re headed out for date night. Boots are always in style, especially knee-high boots that coordinate with another element in your outfit. If you want to look more laid-back, sneakers can accomplish that goal. Combat boots are also in style, and they go well with printed dresses and distressed denim. You might get a few extra style points if your socks peek out at the top of the boots and add some color.

You don’t have to dread going out in the wintertime when you have these essential pieces in your wardrobe. Going on a date when it’s cold outside gives you a reason to snuggle up close to your special someone and stay cozy. Wear a cute and stylish outfit to feel confident as you head out.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.