9 Popular Embroidery Trends To Try Out In 2021


People often say fashion trends tend to repeat themselves. This holds some truth as you see some styles from decades ago seep into the modern setting of the fashion streets. One trend that’s now penetrating the fashion industry yet again is embroidery. While this has remained a hobby and self-expression for art, many apparel and fashionable pieces incorporate these colorful and unique designs.

With the use of yarn, thread, needles, and your artistic skills, you’re capable of creating embroidered masterpieces. However, if you don’t have the skills nor the luxury of time, there are custom embroidery in Portland Oregon and other places that you can approach for your custom embroidery needs. Likewise, many other apparel and clothing stores sell embroidered clothing, belts, hats, and accessories.

Check out some of the most popular embroidery trends to try out this year:

1. Saving Old Fabrics Through Embroidery 

By embroidering a design on an old fabric or clothing, you can save it from being thrown away. It’s natural to find some stained clothes lying around your closet in hopes that you can wear them again one day. Thanks to the magic of embroidery, this scenario is possible. You can come up with any embroidery designs and get to work by filling out the stained area on the fabric. Adding a little embroidery around the faulty parts can turn it into a designer piece. Your friends would even think it’s a new piece you bought at a luxury shop.

Whatever design you want to add to your fabric, you can find resources online or on some embroidery how-to books. Don’t fret despite lacking skills in embroidery. Even simple florals or small embroidered designs will make your old fabric look fresh and new.

2. Customized Embroidery 

Now is the era wherein many people love getting personalized items as gifts. Whether it’s a bag, pen, or coffee mugs, many people find happiness knowing that the designs are made especially for them. Custom embroidery is the way to go if you’re thinking of what to give your loved one or friend on their special day. Gifts that incorporate a person’s favorite things are a great way to show how much you care about them.

There’s always something charming about flower patterns, which is why people often incorporate embroidery with florals. However, aside from that, you can add any custom designs like your friend or family’s favorite character or any image that portrays their personality.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to have custom embroidery done. While you can do this yourself, you could reach out to other custom embroidery shops and prepare your personalized gifts in less time. Nowadays, it’s possible to order embroidered clothing online. Customers simply order shirts from the company then embroiders them. Shirts are shipped to customers once they’re done.

Embroidery has become much easier thanks to technology. While there’s nothing wrong with manual embroidery methods, some devices and machines make the patterns more creative and unique. Therefore, you’ll have a wide selection of personalized designs as personal collections or gifts.

Here are some apparels that look great with custom embroidery: 

  • Tees 

A t-shirt may be the most straightforward fashion item, but it’s also the most versatile. It’s safe to say that almost anyone owns a couple of shirts in their closet. Whatever age, gender, or fashion preference someone has, a good t-shirt can be found among their fashion collection.

Embroidering designs on a shirt is an excellent place to start since this clothing item can be worn and styled for many different occasions. You can give this to someone who loves wearing tees on the get-go. Furthermore, you can also order in bulk and have matching shirts with family and friends while you celebrate a special milestone or memorable occasion together. 

  • Jackets And Hoodies 

Despite the popularity of t-shirts due to their versatility, having embroidered jackets and hoodies are also a great addition to your clothing. Having a custom embroidery to a jacket adds a pop of color and texture to a simple garment and can make it unique. There are many fabrics of jackets and hoodies that work better with embroidery compared to prints.

Thanks to the robustness and versatility of embroidery, your jackets and hoodies don’t have to look dull and plain. A piece of old clothing embroidered with a design breathes new life into it, making you think you’ll be wearing something new.

If you add a simple floral pattern to a drab old jacket hanging in your closet for years, you’ll have a flashy ensemble you’ll be proud to show off to your friends. The needle and thread are all you need to get started. Elevate your streetwear fashion and create a unique look that you can’t find elsewhere.

  • Caps Or Hats 

Having a unique hat design makes people give you a second look. After all, these are worn on your head and will significantly get a lot of attention from people you associate with. To start with your custom embroidery, you can sew great designs on a plain colored cap or a bucket hat. Custom embroidery transforms a hat into a statement piece. Hence, despite dressing down in a simple shirt and pants, your headwear can make you look fashionably chic and cool.

3. Embroidered Statements

Another embroidery trend that’s common these days is to read bold statements on fabric. Voicing out famous or customized slogans and statements are effective ways to share your message or vision with people. Whether you want to share your favorite quote or promote a slogan of a brand, embroidering them into your clothing pieces is a surefire way to get the message across. You can make a bold statement by wearing it on your clothing or accessories. 

4. Boho Chic Style Embroidered Pieces

If your style is veering towards the boho chic, embroidery can also highlight your creativity. Embroidery is one of the easiest ways to make yourself stand out. Select creative designs that’d look great on lightweight fabrics and maxi lengths. You may find subtle boho embroidery designs enough to create a boho look. 

The minimal embroidery details will heighten your elegance and boho-chic style. Hence, take out your plain maxi skirt and lacey shirt, and add some embroidery patterns into them to give more life.

5. Bold Chic Style Embroidered Pieces 

Why not go for statement embroideries if you’re a bold chic who wants to stand out? You can dress up your favorite dresses with embroidered blazers or accentuate a bolder look with embroidered gowns. If you’re going to gain that sexy and sultry look with a twist, you can do so using embroidery. 

An embroidered garment adorned with this technique stands out from the crowd like no other. Your individuality will be enhanced by mesh and sheer fabrics and intricate lace or crochet details which all come with embroidered patterns. The key is to find a design that’d look great on your bold, fashionable pieces.

6. Incorporate Embroidery On Statement Earrings 

There’s a lot of interest in earrings this year. Make a statement with eye-catching pair by having exciting textures and vibrant colors. Be the first among your friends to introduce the trend of wearing embroidered earrings. You can try to do it yourself and check out videos on incorporating embroidery for your personalized ear accessories.

7. Embroidered Large Canvas Bags 

Tote bags always look great with patterns and designs. Read some guide to styling a tote bag and incorporate it in your outfit. This year, find some plain canvas bags and add some beautiful embroidery designs to them. Their ample space not only means you can put and toss more essentials inside, but you can also create attractive patterns like an actual art canvass. Imagine many possibilities as you embroider your bag, and who knows? You might be able to get lots of compliments and even orders from friends and families. It’s possibly a business in the making.

8. Include Embroidery Designs On Belts

In the fashion world, belts have taken on a new spin, but there’ll be additional fabric available this year. Belts never fail to accentuate your slim waist. However, use them to highlight your fashion style too. You can wear a boyfriend’s shirt dress or any loose t-shirt dress and add this embroidered belt to make you look like a fashion runway model.

9. Nature Design Embroidery

Nature-inspired trends never go out of style. They’re pretty versatile too. Ever thought of that beautiful view you captured in a photo on your trip some years ago? You can create them into embroidery.

Nature never seems to go out of style, whether it’s a floral pattern or an image of beautiful sceneries. Aside from adding these naturistic designs to clothing, household items like pillowcases, linens, and bedsheets pair well with these embroidery designs. You can sew your own pillow and add embroidery patterns. They’re also great as custom presents!


Embroidery is no longer an archaic craft restricted to historical scenes. It’s no longer a thing in the past. In fact, the industry has experienced a comeback, and it’s probably staying longer than ever. Take advantage of the different creative designs you can think of to elevate your apparel and accessories to luxurious and unique-looking pieces. This year, consumers also need to take advantage of the other embroidery trends to create unique additions to their closets.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.