Gorgeous! 7 Awesome Summer Dress Styles to Wear in 2021


It seems like a while since you threw on a beautiful dress strutted down the street feeling great, doesn’t it? There are very few outfits that can make you feel as good as a sexy dress or a princess number. 

And while we’ve been locked up inside with not much opportunity to put on our favorite LBDs, there are some amazing dress styles that have hit the rails just in time for your spring and summer debut back into the world. 

From bare-back and sexy to 80s and glitzy, here are the best 2021 spring and summer dress styles to prepare you for the upcoming season. Pick your favorite, spoil yourself and rock the best dresses. 

1. Bare-Back Dresses 

Bare-back dresses used to be a risque fashion move that only a couple of women would dare to pull off. But nowadays it’s one of the most popular and best dress styles. 

It’s sexy and suggestive without being tacky or too exposing. There’s something for everyone when it comes to choosing a dress that has an open back. Whether you’re after a bohemian maxi dress or a slinky LBD, you’ll find the bare-backed style. 

You can choose between a bare-it-all option or a slight bit of skin. Either way, it’s a summer dress trend that’s here to stay. 

2. Sweater Dress 

The sultry sweater style makes the best spring dresses. It’s the ideal transition dress for when it’s not quite warm enough for a summer dress but you’re ready to start getting your legs out in anticipation of the warming weather. 

Sweater dresses used to be chunky, shapeless, and boring. This is not the case anymore. From stunning knit numbers with gorgeous details to eye-catching cotton styles that are lighter and more form-fitting — the sweater dress is a hot spring style. 

3. Padded Shoulder 

Introducing the bold shoulder and one of the best dress styles 2021 that’s straight from the 80s and still rocking. This style works particularly well on tall women (sorry to the shorties out there!) as it creates a stunning silhouette. 

It’s a bold and daring look that fashionistas are sure to latch onto this summer. Opt for mini dresses in bright colors with angular and padded shoulders to make a statement this summer.

You’ve been out of the party scene for so long that the next time you enter into a nightclub, it’s got to be memorable — a padded shoulder dress is exactly the attire you need. 

4. Simple Maxi


Here’s the thing about free-flowing and minimalist maxi dresses — they will never go out of style and they’re still one of the most popular summer dress styles. 

This year the focus is on very simple column dresses in neutral tones. They’re comfortable and simple, yet beautiful and stylish, it’s a win-win situation all around. These dresses are also appropriate for every occasion, whether it’s a casual day working from home or a date night with your partner.

Forget the tie-dye maxis and multi-layered maxis and stick with the simple styles this year. Why not check out some bulk wholesale clothing stores so you can stock up? One can never have too many everyday maxis. 

5. Sheer Trend

Some of the best dresses in 2021 are all about that sheer look. While it’s not everyone’s favorite trend, this year we’re seeing a lot of versatile and different dresses embracing the mesh and sheer

From semi-sheer maxi dresses that are ideal for a 70s look at the beach to ethereal and whimsical bohemian dresses that are playful and innocent. 

There’s so much you can do with the sheer dress trend, regardless of your style. For something a bit edgier, pop a blazer over a sheet slip for a night out on the town. 

6. Glitter and Sparkles

2021 is all about the sparkle — we definitely need some of that in our lives right now! And you can find it in abundance, from tops to sparkly pants to glittery blazers, but especially dresses. 

Metallic silver dresses with cut-out details are all the rage right now. It’s quite a daring look and is a trend that is extremely eye-catching and guaranteed to garner attention. 

If you’ve never pushed the boundaries with your style, this glittery and sparkly dress trend is the time to do it. You don’t have to think about putting together a unique outfit, simply throw on a jazzy and metallic dress see how you feel! 

7. The Mini


Spring and summer celebrations this year are all about the mini. This is a dress style that comes and goes and is hot and cold depending on the year. Well, in 2021 the mini is hot, hot, hot! 

This is especially true of the 80s designs that are finding their way back into popularity this year (remember the padded shoulders?). Think big sleeves, bold shoulders, and bold colors and patterns. 

The spring and summer collection says goodbye to the girly floral prints and styles and welcomes in an edgier and tougher look. 

Which of These Dress Styles Are Your Favorite?

There are some classic dress styles that are still in fashion this year, with a slight twist, such as the minimalist maxi and the 80s inspired minis. However, there are also some styles of making waves. Get daring with a metallic number or sultry in sheer slip. Which of these styles are you loving? 

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.