What to pay attention to when buying women’s clothes

Woman holding shopping bags

After a long week of hard work and office boredom, you can decide that the weekend is a perfect opportunity to go for a clothes shopping spree with your girlfriends. You must note that women’s clothes are readily available than men’s. In fact, the number of clotheslines that deal in ladies’ wear is way up than that of men. Therefore, at times making a decision that wouldn’t disappoint later can prove to be a great challenge.

For instance, what do you pay attention to when you want to get a Canada Goose coat that will last and impress everyone? Here are things that you need to pay attention to when shopping for ladies’ clothes: 

Jeans length

What do you think is the length of the perfect jeans for a lady? Well, whether you are getting a belly bottom or tight jeans, the ideal length should be just above the ankle. It is so because women don’t put on socks often, so there isn’t anything to cover.

Matching patterns

Are you getting official workwear? Well, you have to be keen on matching patterns. For instance, when buying a mix and match collection, then the colors shouldn’t clash at any time. Moreover, matching is a talent and revolves around creativity. Once you get it right, it is all well for you.


As for choosing a perfect label, it is purely an aesthetic choice that you should make on your own. Moreover, spoiling yourself once in a while with the finest of designer labels isn’t a bad idea. However, make sure that garments match their respective sizes. For instance, an M size in one label may be totally different from an M size in another label. Either way, at the end of the day, get something that is fitting, durable and speaks loudly of elegance.

Fabric quality

Fabric quality will determine how long your clothes will last. However, you must note that natural fabric will cost more than mixed but will last you longer. A synthetic fabric ion the other hand, will, of course, look amazing on you, but it isn’t built for longevity. Either way, you can still get a synthetic fabric because it doesn’t cost much.

Fitting clothes

Fitness has something to do with size. Some ladies make the mistake of buying oversized clothes because they fear to outgrow fitting clothes with time. Well, that is the most absurd assertion you should ever make as a fashionable lady. Moreover, there isn’t a need to worry if you occasionally work out, and your diet is on the check. Get that fitting garment and flaunt your body shape. After all, we are just down here for a moment!

What is the cost per wear equation?

Finally, as human beings with insatiable wants, we, at times, go for costly fashion wear to complement that elegance and class we’ve wished for. So, if you go for an expensive accessory, say shoes, how do you know if it will give you a run for the money? First, a cost per wear equation entails initial cost plus maintenance charges, divided by the number of times you’ll wear the accessory. Therefore, only spend heavily on items that you put on regularly, such as shoes. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.