Lindberg The Art Of Eyewear And Beyond: 5 Fashion Items To Elevate Your Everyday Look


Take a good look at yourself in the mirror right now. Are you happy with how you look? Or do you think you can use a good fashion makeover? Well, if you belong to the latter, you’re not alone. Staying home the entire year has almost made even the most fashionable of all individuals used to plain loungewear and ordinary house clothes. When it’s time to go out, you might not know how to style your look anymore. Don’t fret, as you can do more. You must start with the right fashion items.

Nowadays, you may only dress up for supermarket runs and other essential errands.  This shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from looking fashionable. Even with the bare essentials, you can elevate your entire look.  By doing so, you’ll appear more stylish and put-together.  Read on for the must-have fashion items in your closet.

1. Eyewear

Sunglasses are a no-brainer. No matter the time and season, sunglasses will always be trendy and fashionable. With eyeglasses, however, you have to be more receptive with your choices. Wearing glasses shouldn’t break your look. Rather, your glasses should be your everyday accessory that complements your appearance.

Anyone can pick a fashionable eyewear that will still look great on them.  You could choose an eyewear that contrasts your face shape and contour. By doing so, this will highlight your best facial feature.  Consider frame colors that matches your skin tone.  Also, select frames that are stylish and timeless.  This is so your glasses don’t have to pull your look down. You may shop at Lindberg glasses frames – Chinatown Optical and other reputable brands or stores to have good quality glasses. 

Some of the fashionable eyewear frames you can shop for include cat eye glasses, stylish clear glasses, bright and translucent nude glasses, ‘70s oversized glasses, and thin and lightweight-rimmed glasses.

2. Classic Striped Shirt

The classic striped shirt is also known as the marinière. Many years back, it was first introduced by sailors in the French navy. Today, the classic striped shirt is still the go-to of many men and women who would like to master the art of French dressing.

If you don’t feel like dressing up and you’ve got somewhere to go, put on your classic striped shirt. Pair it with accessories like nice shoes, a red lippie, or even a statement headband. After which, you’ll instantly be able to improve what would’ve otherwise been a dull and casual look.

3. Sweater Vests

Bring in the rainy season or the cold weather. After wearing sweatshirts and jackets the entire year, it’s time to level up your winter outfit. If you love knitwear, then this one’s for you. Knitted vests are so in right now, and it’s the perfect sweater vest to level up your look.

There are so many ways you can style your sweater vest. You can place a button-down shirt, lose dress, plain top under your sweater vest.  You may even wear it on its own tucked with your favorite classic denim jeans.

4. Midriff-Baring Sets

If you’re not afraid to flaunt yourself, go ahead and don a midriff-baring set. You can have a plain set or even a printed one depending what you fancy. If you’re off to the beach or the weather is nice and warm, back-baring midriff sets are so in, too.

The great thing about midriff-baring sets is you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching an outfit. The set itself looks great on its own. If you feel like accessorizing, an oversized pair of earrings or a nice bag will do just the trick.

5. Classic Denim Jeans

If it’s been too long since you’ve worn jeans, go ahead and shop for a classic pair. This is one of the most versatile fashion pieces you can ever own. Jeans are also easy to style. You may tuck in your shirt and fold your jeans, even if it’s skinny jeans. Doing this trick will create the impression that you actually placed much thought into planning your look. It might also make you look more composed.


The list above holds some of the essential fashion items for 2021.  It will help elevate your style from being plain and ordinary. If you think your wardrobe could use a good overhaul, you may start by shopping for any of the items on the list. You don’t need to find any occasion or a special reason to go out. You can still make an effort to look more fashionable even with a quick errand out of your house. And yes, the supermarket aisle can be your runway too.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.