Is Wearing Studs in Style?


The trend in the world of fashion is changing day by day no matter the fashion is of clothes, shoes, decorations or earrings. If we talk about jewelry then there are a lot of drama, and beautiful styles to love in. Earring is the part of jewelry that is most acceptable to people. There is a dizzying array of unique-shaped stud earrings to wear with every type of dress material. The trend is of:

  • Studs with bold front back- This kind has been in trend for a few years and still leading the fashion. They are becoming bolder and luxury as the years pass. A few years back the front and back studs were small and sleek, now the intonation for these stud earrings is graphically shaped to become more bold and sturdy.
  • Studs with exclusive shapes and designs- Although many oversized types of earrings are becoming part of today’s trend, still, stud earrings have maintained their position in people’s hearts. There are ample uniquely shaped studs like starbursts, dramatic triangular shapes and romantic abstract shapes are the popular ones. These studs are versatile to wear with every dress and for every occasion such as at home, going out with friends or heading into the office.
  • Oval and other fancy-shaped diamond studs- Diamond studs never go out of fashion. It is forever in your collection and goes with every event and costume. You can pair these diamond studs with a heavy necklace or no necklace, this only completes the overall look. You can also find out your favorite studs at More and more women are finding these studs in shapes like oval, rectangular, circle, triangular and a few other fancy shapes. The oval shape is currently the most trending shape including pear and cushion cut diamonds.
  • Colorful diamond and gemstone earrings-The favorite of all categories are the gemstone studs. Wearing this in ears is a great way to add a bit of vibrant color to any collection. These types of stud earrings are beautiful and most popular. You can see tons of gemstone studs in online or offline diamond stores and can choose one for you. Among all gems, the blue sapphire and red ruby are enormously popular in the world of fashion. These are precious and costly studs and are mostly used to make engagement rings. Rubies were also popular in ancient times jewellery and are counted in precious as well as semi-precious gems.

Reasons to love stud earrings!!!

For jewelery lovers, studs have always been and will always be a closet staple. This style is a safe choice when you’re not sure to pick the right earrings for an occasion. These stud earrings can be easily paired with all kinds of outfits and functions. There are certain reasons to indulge in love with studs:

  • Stud earrings are ageless

These are likely the first pair of earrings that you ever wear after getting your ears pierced. This is because these are small, lightweight and easy to handle for a little girl. As you grow older, the style and shape of studs simply keep upgrading. This is due to the versatile nature of this part of jewelry. Moreover, women of all ages can include them in their style statement because there are studs for all ages.

  • Easy to wear jewelery

You can opt for studs with gemstones if you’re looking to integrate precious gems into your everyday style. These are easy to handle and wear especially when your daily activity is physically intensive and you cannot wear rings, necklaces or bracelets.

  • Ideal daily wear for a wonderful look

Most working women wear diamond studs at the end of that day when they change earrings for a special occasion. This is because wearing stud earrings is very comfortable and convenient and goes with every outfit no matter Indian, classic or western. Moreover, their sleek design and shape do not give any problems while sleeping at night.

  • Gender-Neutral Style

Nowadays wearing studs is not only the fashion material for females, even the males especially the young boys love to wear stud earrings. it is part of their style. There is no prominent discrimination in jewelry for both men and women. Though, males spot hoops and diamond studs that come in their natural style.

  • Perfect for stacking up

Stacking of rings, as well as earrings, is the fashion statement. Most ladies love to have multiple ear piercings. It means having more opportunities to wear favorite earrings and to express yourself in the fashion world. Studs are an ultimate choice for stacking on your ears, where every unique stud replicates your personality in front of all.

All in all, all these reasons made you fall in love with stud earrings. Then for what you are waiting for explore the online store of and find the one that suits your personality and style. Studs are subtle, versatile, yet incredibly effective pieces of jewelry to enhance your outfit. If you are planning to buy earrings for a girl then studs are the honest choice and nothing else can take the position of studs for a girl.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.