Choosing the Best Shapewear: A Guide


If you’ve seen all of the online posts, reviews, discussions, and praise for how much modern shapewear has changed from oppressive to empowering women’s garments as of late, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, this incredible renaissance has seen women around the world enjoying their own figures more, dressing with more confidence in their bodies, and simply indulging a little in the comfort and adaptability it provides their postures, wardrobes, and overall quality of life. 

But what has caused this renaissance, and what are you going to need to know when choosing your first item? Read our quick but informative guide below!

Why has shapewear seen such a surge in popularity? 

This standard staple of women’s wardrobes has suddenly seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years. From Reels, TikToks, and trending topics galore, it seems as if every model, fashion icon, and influencer is raving about how wonderful shapewear is. 

First of all, the shift in shapewear from oppressively constrictive women’s clothing that once caused us to faint into stunning and comfortable garments that accentuate your body’s most beautiful features is always a reason to celebrate! 

These days we want inclusivity, we want to look and feel good – and we want and deserve brands that champion the body positivity movement! These are just a few of the reasons why women are turning to shapewear or more specifically, choosing shape wear by SKIMS

SKIMS is the inclusive and body-positivity lingerie line that was pioneered by Kim K. Thanks to innovative entrepreneurs like Kim Kardashian, choosing shapewear and lingerie no longer means finding items that are unknowingly feeding into our body image issues – today women of all complexions and body types can celebrate their bodies and what makes them unique with sculpting shapewear that effortlessly enhances our bodies rather than hiding who we truly are. 

Isn’t that a step in the right direction for women’s body image?  

Choose comfort over all else 

When you’re looking for that perfect piece of shapewear to try for the very first time, it’s easy to be tempted by smaller sizes that you wouldn’t usually purchase. But it’s important to stick to your usual sizes here, as the designs are made to hug your specific figure in order to accentuate your shape and form while smoothing down and flattening your stomach. 

If you were to buy smaller sizes, your body won’t get the benefit of these snug but breathable items, and you’ll feel tight and restrictive within them. In other words, you won’t look slimmer by going down a size. Instead, you’ll miss out on the support that shapewear provides for your curves and compression zones. 

Giving your confidence, posture, and poise a boost 

A flatter stomach and some toning around the waist is one benefit of shapewear, and in an age of social media affecting body confidence, that may seem like everything. But the true magic lies in how well it can accentuate your natural body and make you feel more confident and beautiful in your everyday life. 

It’s not about being slimmer, smaller, wider, curvier, or anything else. It’s about embracing your body and letting this incredible garment smooth out and support your form a little more. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is exactly what shapewear is truly about. 

And the benefits of shapewear don’t just end at feeling better in your body and overall appearance. They also provide essential support to your posture and poise, to help you stand taller and prouder. The elastic designs reduce the pain many women can develop in the lower back or lumbar, and improve sitting posture while at work as well! 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.