Selecting the Best Hat for Your Hair Style


A hat is one of the best accessories that you can wear. They are versatile with a variety of styles to choose from, but before you can bring them into your wardrobe you have to know how to select the perfect hat for you and your hairstyle. Whether you have curly hair, short hair, long hair, or if you prefer to wear it up – there is something out there for you. 

To complete any look, during any season, all you need is a hat. With sun hats to protect you from UV rays in the summer and beanies to keep you warm throughout the winter, you can always rely on a hat to complete your outfit. Plus, if you don’t feel like styling your hair or doing too much to it, you can always throw on a hat and appear put together instantly. 

No matter your style or what type of hairstyle you typically like, it’s time to start adding hats to what you wear. If you’ve been wanting to find the perfect hat that will compliment your hairstyle, these ideas can help you start your search so that you can refresh your style in no time.

Long Hair 

If you have long hair, whether it’s curly or straight, there are plenty of hat styles that will not only pair well with your hair but accentuate your appearance as well. 

During the summer months, you could go for a wide brim sun hat or a bucket hat, which is super trendy for 2021. These hats are lightweight, cooling, and comfortable – plus, they will protect you from the sun’s UV rays. 

As for the winter, it will be good to have a nice, comfortable beanie to wear. Whether you’re heading to the mall for Christmas shopping or spending time with family for the holidays, you will want a beanie to keep your head warm and keep you stylish. 

Short Hair 

If you have a short haircut and style, there is a hat out there that will suit you for every season too. 

If you enjoy a classy, put-together look you could pair a fedora with whatever you’re wearing, especially if you want to dress up your outfit. This will be perfect for any occasion, especially if you want to make a statement. 

You could also rock a beanie since they are versatile and work with almost any hairstyle. Keep your head warm during the winter months and add to your outfits easily with this simple accessory. 

Ponytail or Bun 

If you are someone who enjoys wearing their hair in a ponytail or a bun to keep your hair out of your face, you may think that there are not many hat options out there for you, but there are many possibilities for the hairstyle you prefer. 

You could always go for a classic ball cap, perfect for a casual, sporty look. With different colors and styles available, you can rep your favorite team on your hat or go for a solid color, depending on what you are wearing or where you are headed to that day. You can never go wrong with a ball cap, especially if you want to keep it casual but still look put together. 

Another way to style a hat with an up-do is to pair a fedora with a low bun. This can elevate any look, allowing you to dress up your look or tie in classy elements that will elevate your overall appearance. 

For a summer or spring look, pair your hairstyle with a Panama hat. This option will look great with a low ponytail, a casual bun, or even a braid, giving you a great accessory to wear whether you’re dressing up or down. They can be perfect for vacation or getting some shade by the pool but can be dressed up if you’re heading to dinner or on a date. 

Curly Hair or Afro 

If you rock natural curls or have grown an afro, you may have had trouble in the past when trying to find a hat that will work well with your hair. Don’t let this hold you back because  there are oversized hat options available to help you pull off any hat style you want regardless of how big your hair is. 

With thick, curly hair it is difficult to come across hats that will fit comfortably or look cohesive with your hairstyle, but with oversized options available you can start to add hats into your wardrobe again. Whether you prefer a bucket hat, fedora, beanie, sun hat, or a classic baseball cap, you will be able to find whatever you’re looking for. To add to any outfit and complete your look, find a hat that you can wear and feel confident in, even with thick hair. 

Buzz Cut 

If you have a buzz cut, keep your options open when you choose from what hats you want to wear. Even though you don’t have a lot of hair to style, there are plenty of hat options that you can choose from. 

Whether you want a beanie to keep your head warm throughout the winter, a sun hat to protect you from UV rays, or a ball cap to wear on casual days, lounging around the house, walking the dog, or running errands – there is something out there for you. But first, you have to find your style and build your confidence in whatever you wear. 

Finding the Perfect Hat for Your Hair

With the versatility of a hat, there’s no better accessory to have. No matter what hairstyle you are currently sporting or the haircut you prefer, there is a hat out there that will complement not only your hair but your entire appearance. 

Whether you have long hair, short hair, or curly hair – there are plenty of options available for you to look at to find what fits your style. From beanies to sun hats, baseball caps, and bucket hats, you are bound to find something that will go with your outfits and upgrade your entire look. 

Be confident in your skin and rock the hairstyle that you love, adding hats into your wardrobe to spice things up and alter your entire look. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.