5 Cute Outfit Ideas for a Girl’s Summer Look


With its mellow air and golden sunshine, summer is the perfect time to master the art of being cute. And yes, it is an art. Despite the widespread myth that some people were born to be sweet while others weren’t, looking cute is as much a skill as programming or speaking a foreign language. It shouldn’t be rocket science as long as you have some patience and are ready to experiment. Here are five tips to try out before cold sets in for a wildly cute look.

1. It’s All About the Little Things

We can’t emphasize it enough. No matter how well or poorly made your clothes are, it’s the details that will turn heads and melt hearts. Try exploring what Enibbana apparel has to offer and finding the accessories that will charmingly bring out your uniqueness.

Shoes are a great place to begin. From pastel-colored/snow-white chunky trainers to ridiculously comfortable and girly ballet flats with a lot in between, footwear can make your look much more personalized.

Accessories like graphic caps and eye-catching brightly colored earrings, bright layered necklaces, and jelly-like jewelry are ideal for summer.

2. Denim Plus Lace

Combining different textures is a great way of grabbing everyone’s attention. Try the following combinations to show off your natural sweetness:

  • lace-trimmed denim pieces like skirts,
  • denim rompers (see below!) over a light-colored lace shirt,
  • lace dresses with a denim belt for a bold country look,
  • and much more.

3. Rompers

Whether rompers are comfy might be a matter of taste, but there’s no doubt they look cute. The effect of wearing one that suits you and highlights your charming youthfulness is well worth the time you might spend looking for the perfect fit. After all, rompers come in all shapes and sizes. Go for ruffled ones if you prefer a country-ish look, or choose a denim one instead and layer it with something ridiculously girly! The options are innumerable.

4. All Things Floral

There are few hearts that can’t be won by a floral pattern. You just can’t deny flower power. From vivid, bold sunflowers to charmingly tiny daisies, there’s so much to explore depending on the effect you’re looking for!

Floral mini skirts are super trendy and look great with graphic tees, but don’t hesitate to wear that romantic maxi skirt, too. Botanical patterns will add a cute boho/country twist to a most casual outfit and help you stand out. And, of course, don’t miss a good floral dress.

5. Tie Straps

You see tie straps everywhere these days, from tops to dresses, and that’s because they are undeniably sweet. They look unfussy yet very girly, and they serve as a built-in accessory to effortlessly make a statement.

Bonus: Remember to Make It Unique

The key to looking cute is really showing off your amazing personality. There’s nothing like an outfit that’s full of meaningful details and feels comfortable to you, so stay true to your taste and unique preferences.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.