Must-have items for a women’s closet

woman in black heels

Unlike men, women have a tighter obligation in as far as fashion is concerned. At times, as a woman, you are caught in between keeping it comfortable and keeping it feminine. Women are created to shine and glitter, and they have to keep that at all times. Whether you’ve just woken up or gone out for shopping, you still have to keep it classy and feminine at all times.

And for a boss lady, having a closet with brands such as Celine means that whatever your dressing is, you are really giving men a run for their money and taste. Here are must-have items in every woman’s closet:

Black pair of jeans

Do you need something that you can wear to almost any occasion, especially when you forgot to have tour laundry done on time? A pair of black jeans will literally blend with any blouse, be it white, pink, or even yellow. All you need to do is ace your shoe game, and you are set to go! 

A pair of heels

As a woman, you need a pair of heels and, most notably, if you are thick and short. That extra height that heels bring out in you is what you need for a perfect evening date. Once in a while, heels and bandage dress will not do you any harm. In fact, it’s just a perfect combo for charming men!

A trench coat

Well, forget about the freeze and shine thing, lest you want to contract a cold that will ruin your next three days. It can be worse if it’s a weekend. As a woman, having a trench coat, preferably black or brownish, is a must. The best thing about trench coats is that they’ll blend with both casual wear and that office wear. So is it cold? Is it freezing outside?

On top of that skirt suit, add a trench coat, and see the magic. Moreover, if you are having a cold night out the date, you can try a pair of jeans, ankle boots, and a trench coat. With your best cologne on, you’ll be an irresistible charm for your date. 


Who would miss cologne in her closet? When you pass by a group of people, and they look back, the chances are that they smelt something pleasant in you. Good smell is a turn on, if not a charm. In that instance, go for a signature cologne that everyone will know is associated with you. Get your cologne game in order and dine with the corporate giants and moguls!

Leather jacket

Just like trench coats, leather jackets can also pull a big save, especially during winter. A black leather jacket will perfectly do because it blends with almost every color. And the best thing about leather jackets is that they are built for longevity, you can wear it right from your youthful clubbing days up to marriage days. Leather jackets have been there, and they aren’t fading anytime soon.

Universal handbag

Finally, when we allude to a universal handbag, it simply means a bag that will literally match with almost all of your outfits. Moreover, a handbag is more of a mandatory obligation for ladies. All you need to do is choose a stylish handbag that can accommodate all your essentials in one place. You can also consider a little extra space for holding your car keys and money.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.