Christmas Fragrances; Why Buying Early Could Save You the Headache of Missing Out!


If you have looked at the news recently it would appear that everyone out there is suddenly advising consumers to start buying Christmas presents now.

“But it’s not even Autumn yet!” I hear you cry and while I can appreciate the growing sentiment that Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year, this year you may actually need to start thinking about it now before it’s too late.

Everyone from the head of policy at the Scottish Retail Consortium, to industry experts and unbelievably the US Vice President Kamala Harris has warned consumers that this year planning and shopping earlier for Christmas is the only way to ease the stress on overburdened logistical supply routes and avoid Christmas Day disappointment.

After the continuing blight of Covid decimating the retail industry and massively disrupting the employment market of the retail sector, industry experts are concerned that a lack of both supplies and manpower could detrimentally affect their ability to supply consumers with the products at the top of their wish list.

As this situation continues, a shortage of supplies and manpower will inevitably lead to a scarcity of the must-have Christmas gifts and as Christmas fast approaches this high demand items will inevitably skyrocket in price.

So by planning out your Christmas now and ticking off your Christmas list while the last of the summer sun continues to shine may end up saving you a small fortune.

A lack of supplies has already seen a recent spike in beauty products, a mainstay of Christmas gifts during more normal times, and this unfortunately looks set to continue as the logistical problems retail faces will inevitably be compounded by an increase in customer demand and a return of bad weather.

Fragrances in particular, appear to be an area of significant concern for beauty industry experts this Christmas, as while their has been a steady increase in sales since restrictions around the world began to be lifted, the difficulty of procuring supplies in the face of messy trade disputes (such as Brexit) and a reduction in manpower in key employment areas (such as HGV drivers), will undoubtedly mean an increase in raw materials, manufacturing and shipping costs.

The fragrance industry will not be alone in passing these extra costs on to the consumer and perfume fans may be shocked at the price of their annual Christmas treat this year.

That being said, as the industry experts have advised, the best option for customers who don’t want to miss out on their favorite fragrances and other Christmas treats this year is to start planning now and if possible buy earlier than usual, before we start to see these significant price rises.

Whilst many big name brands won’t yet be releasing the enticing Christmas offers they use to hook in potential customers, some of the smaller, less well known companies have begun to offer substantial discounts on their products.

Take fragrances for example, it may be a while yet before larger, high street, perfume retailers begin to offer the mouth watering Christmas deals like “buy one get one free” or “3 for 2” offers on selected bottles of scent, but some smaller more adaptable and savvy companies such as FM Fragrances have got a leg up on their competitors and have already started offering pretty phenomenal deals.

Whilst many big perfume retailers naturally increase their price to make up for their massive marketing efforts, big name celebrity endorsements and expensive packaging, FM Fragrances innovative and minimalist marketing strategy appears to be winning over consumers looking for that great product at a great price.

Using the same perfume houses as the main brands and relying on excellent customer reviews and word of mouth marketing campaigns, FM Fragrances have burst on to the market and seem determined not to let these logistical problems dampen their spirits or increase their prices.

Many of the larger fragrance companies appear to be riding high after a recent upturn in sales and have yet to consider the growing problems on the horizon and their lack of foresight could potentially lead to some very disappointed customers come Christmas time.

Smaller and more savvy companies though, who have kept themselves abreast of the situation appear keen to entice customers to begin their Christmas shopping earlier by offering substantial discounts.

Fm Fragrances for instance, are currently offering a 33% lifetime discount on all Federico Mahora fragrances when you sign up through their website, which is a pretty incredible deal that could end up saving you lots of money come Christmas time.

It’s never been more important to be savvy with your money and preparing for Christmas now, getting ahead of the logistical issues that are coming and shopping around for bargains by considering less well known perfume retailers will mean that you and your loved ones won’t be disappointed this Christmas and you can still feel ecstatic when opening your fabulous fragrance on Christmas Day.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.