How to Wish a Beauty Lover a Happy Birthday


Getting a gift for a beauty lover, might seem very obvious – it’s either makeup or a new set of brushes. However, it’s not always about buying the most expensive foundation or blush. Try to remember the information they shared with you. What is their favourite makeup brand? Do they use cruelty-free makeup? Would they ever dare to put a red lipstick on? Give some thought to this personalized gift and check out our five suggestions below.

The Essential – Makeup

It sounds like a cliche, but the perfect gift for a makeup and beauty lover is actually makeup. If you remember more about their current makeup routine, or remember the name of the bottle of foundation that they just tossed into the trash can, it is a big plus. This means that you paid attention to their passion and the things they are interested in. It’s even better if you know who their beauty role-model is, or the beauty YouTube videos they religiously watch, because you can personalize the gift by getting that specific brand or even the brand they want to collaborate with one day.

What about a Beauty Course?

If your friend, parent or a significant other is known for having a bunch of makeup they don’t even use, a better option would be to invest in their knowledge. Instead of equipping them with additional makeup or brushes they don’t even have enough storage space for, opt for something more outside the box. Getting the invaluable hands-on experience is something that will be ingrained in their memory forever. Not only are beauty courses an enjoyable experience, they’re also a great way to meet new people and upgrade skills. For a makeup artist, it is important to constantly be in touch with people from the industry so that they are always in the loop on new collaborations, makeup styles and makeup trends.

Creamy and Gleamy

Artistic makeup lovers usually take good care of their body and their rooms are always filled with creams, lotions, or oils. They like new smells, colours and to try out new things. Organic bath bombs, which are great for the skin, are aesthetically pleasing and an unconventional gift they will make good use of. They make the skin softer and are great for a spa-like bath at home. Personalize the gift by choosing the scent they love.

Embellish Their Room

A makeup lover spends a lot of time in front of a mirror trying out new techniques and products. If you’re not on a shoestring budget, getting a vanity table might strike a chord with them.The colour of the table can match the walls of the room or the accessories like throw pillows, paintings or even mirror frames. This amazing gift provides them with extra storage space for their makeup essentials and also elevates the room aesthetics on a higher level. If you hear them complaining about not having enough space to store their makeup, or having too much makeup products whatsoever, this could be the perfect gift.

A Relaxing Night

In the hectic world of beauty, most makeup artists are always on the go, working with clients or promoting their business. So, why not give them a peaceful night just for them, to unwind and decompress? A massage or a beauty treatment is all they need to recharge their batteries and feel more energetic. After a stressful day at work where all they care about is to meet their clients’ needs, it would be nice not to worry about others and only focus on themselves.

Makeup lovers aren’t hard to please – it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, if it is from the heart. However, beauty courses, where they can get the opportunity to discuss different techniques, comment on the latest trends, and learn from the best makeup artists in the industry, are really worth investing in. What is the special gift you chose for the makeup lover you wanted to surprise? Tell us about this gift in the comment section below.


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