51 Pretty Holiday Hairstyles For Every Christmas Outfit

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Holiday hairstyles are a necessity several times a year so it is always good to have a few in your repertoire. The following 51 pretty holiday hairstyle ideas will work on a variety of hair types, and many include styles to accentuate color treated hair. As trends and styles evolve and recirculate, new options are developed.

Choosing the right holiday hairstyles can take a while, but it starts with a few options that you like when you see them. There are hair ornaments, accessories and jewelry included in the following looks.

1. Glitter Gel Slick Down

Rather than smoothing down your hair with regular gel to give you the shape you want, using glitter gel (which you can even make on your own) means that you have a multidimensional holiday hairstyle. This would definitely be unexpected, but eye-catching.

2. Shades of Pink with Antler Comb

Pink is a color that tiptoes on the edges of other colors and can be really prismatic when combined with other shades of pink. This holiday hairstyle has a soft overall quality, and the several different shades of pink give the hairstyle a lot of dimension. The antler comb is a nice touch that is both whimsical and fun.

3. Silver and Pastel Blue Roses

One of the best holiday hairstyles, braided roses are a nice party hairstyle to go with, especially with multi-toned hair. The braids allow the colors to weave in and out and the roses can show off the shades beautifully. The colors are great and the roses are perfect making this a great quick holiday hairstyle to show off your hair color.

4. Glittering Halo Braid

Halo braids are beautiful anyway, but this glittering holiday hairstyle idea is a bright and sparkling option that would be great to include in your holiday looks. It appears easy to do, but the braid is tight and the edges perfectly laid, while the glitter enhances the braid.

5. Adorned Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is always in style, but the hair charms are a huge part of making this holiday hairstyle amazing. Accessorizing your hair doesn’t just mean color and hair ornaments, and hair jewelry is a great way to do it. These are all different charms for an interesting final look.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Accessorized Loose Updo


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Written by Camielle Lawson-Livingstone
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