Most Popular Men’s Jewellery in 2021


If you have ever thought about expanding your fashion universe, then all you need is a befitting piece of men’s jewelry. Men have been sporting jewelry items like gold chains and rings for ages as a mark of their status. These iconic fashion accessories are back in 2021, and this time they are bolder than ever.

In the past few years, jewelry has become a big part of the men’s fashion world, and we can say that no outfit is fully complete without a piece of men’s jewelry.

So, if you want to try something new or develop an iconic fashion statement, here are some essential pieces of jewelry that you should definitely try this year.

1. Gold Chains

Firstly, you should know that the gold chains are not just for hip-hop artists, rappers, or pop stars. If you want to lend a bold edge to your style, nothing can be more stunning than accessorizing your neck with some real gold.

The best part about gold chains or necklaces is that they go with outfits of any color. Let it be a simple white or black t-shirt or complex layering with shirts or trench coats, gold chains will fully complement all aesthetics.

If you want it subtle and classic, slim gold chains will amplify your personality without overdoing it. You can wear these lightweight chains on your t-shirts, coats to display the best version of yourself throughout the year.

However, if showing off your strength and masculinity is your motive, a chunky gold chain will enhance your persona. Wear it over any sort of outfit, and it will create a place for itself in the look. If you want to add some Cuban link solid chains to your wardrobe, simply click here and get the most charming gold accessories.

Besides that, if you want to make a bold style statement, solid gold chains with pendants like diamonds are undoubtedly the best.

2. Bracelets

Men’s bracelets are not going out of style anytime soon. The trend might have shifted from heavy, thick bracelets to thin, minimalistic ones, but a bracelet’s value in men’s fashion is eternal.

This timeless accessory is something that you can always add to your attire to lend more character and boldness to your style. If you are shy to try flashy items like necklaces or heavy gold rings and still desire some sharpness in your styling, bracelets are the solution. They make you feel stylish, and at the same time, don’t let you feel out of place.

When it comes to selecting the right bracelets for you, we would recommend going for plain and minimalistic ones, especially if you plan to wear your watch and bracelet on the same hand. This way, if you add something to your current wardrobe and style, it won’t look overdone or “extra.”

Gold bracelets are symbols of power and individuality. While they are subtler than other fashion accessories, they are also powerful enough to lend more flavor and timelessness to your persona.

A slim gold cuff is a timeless accessory that you can wear for a lifetime. It suits all occasions, be it formal or informal, has the potential to become part of your signature style.

3. Rings

Rings have been men’s most desired jewelry items for ages. Throughout history, men’s rings have signified power, wealth and status.

The best part about wearing rings is that they are classy without being too flashy. They also add personality to the wearer. If you want your outfit to speak about your individuality, simply add a ring that matches your overall look, and it will do its magic.

In our opinion, the best way to choose a ring is to examine your personality and focus on how you want to present yourself. A ring can speak a thousand words. For instance, a shiny gold or platinum one on your ring finger will suggest that you are not available in the market anymore. Or you can have your specific symbol on the ring for your little finger.

The options in rings are limitless. You could go for big, colorful gems on bands of gold or silver, stylish signet rings, or plain rings of gold, silver, or platinum. You can easily find the perfect ring to compliment your personality.

4. Earrings

Next, we have earrings. These are classic accessories to makes you a real connoisseur of fashion.

A single earring or a pair can make you look more confident, sharper, and bolder than anyone else in the room. So, even if your boss does not like your dangling earrings, a gold hoop will always enhance your personality at a board meeting.

Our idea of the most desirable earrings for men is small, proportional to your face and body, and one that complements your outfit. Apart from the classic golden or silver hoops, there are clip-on earrings, flesh tunnels or plugs, colorful tapers, or basic studs to make you stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, if you want to try earrings without getting your ears permanently pierced, you can go for magnetic ones.

5. Brooches and Cufflinks

Golden brooches and cufflinks are the gentleman’s way to complement your formal suitings. Be it a formal meeting or a sophisticated party, golden brooches on your black-tie will make you look phenomenal, and you will never fail to turn heads.

Actors and industrialists have been sporting golden brooches for years, and you must add them to your wardrobe this year. You can get personalized brooches or add your favorite brand to your ties.

If you want to rock it with your brooches every time, just keep an eye on the color of your suit, your shirt, and your tie to keep it balanced.

The key to a perfect pair of cufflinks is to make sure they match your shirt’s color and that they suit the occasion. A rule of thumb is that diamonds are ideal for evening events and colorful gems or pearls are more suited for day events.

Lastly, gold is a timeless metal that will enhance any outfit. Whether you want to sport your golden cufflinks on a simple shirt or you want them under your suit to make a subtle statement, these will complement any style.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.