Buying The Right Shoes – The Ultimate Guide


When you get time to move out of your home, it means it’s the right time to get dressed. When you look at the closet, you can find your clothes have overtaken your shoes. This is something common to everyone; you’re not alone. You need to have shoes that can fit all your clothing styles – streetwear, official, or anything else.

Wearing nice and trending shoes makes you feel at your best and can help prevent injuries. Moreover, the choice of shoe will affect your whole body, and not only your feet.

Picking the right shoe brand and a design is a hassle. However, picking from the best brands such as Merrell Canada gives you peace of mind. But how should you choose the right shoes? We have provided you with this guide to help you get the best pair of shoes.

Let’s get started:

Types of Shoes

There are different types of shoes to buy. These shoes include:

  • Athletic Shoes

When buying athletic shoes, remember there are four different types: neutral/cushioning, minimalist, stability, and motion control. However, the kind of shoe you should buy will depend on biomechanics and arch type.

The first thing to do is test the shoe before buying. You can do that by walking and jogging. Try also to balance on one leg and do a one-legged squat. After that, pick the shoe that makes you feel comfortable.

Minimalist shoes are usually used for forefoot running because they stimulate barefoot running. These type of shoes helps you avoid injuries while running.

Moreover, you may have to consider court sports shoes. This type of shoe tends to be better than having minimalistic shoes. With the shoe, you can get more side-to-side support. And for cleats, pick a shoe allowing you to add more arch support.

  • Boots

Boots can fit loosely but not provide you with adequate foot support. You need to add arch support for you to improve comfort.

  • Sandals   

Sandals are good when walking short distances. You need to choose those having straps covering more of your foot or can wrap around your ankle.

  • Women Dress Shoes

Remember that the shoes you buy will be detrimental to your spine, knees and feet. Wearing heels will alter your whole body posture, therefore causing pain. So, to avoid the pain, pick a wider heel, wedge or low heel, particularly one that doesn’t curve in.

If you have to wear higher heels, you can buy them but alternate them with lower heels for a long-distance walk.

Tips for buying shoes

You need to buy the correct type of shoes. Right? But what should you consider to ensure you get the perfect shoe? There are many things to put into considerations. These factors are worth checking before going shoe shopping; read on.

  • Buy at evening

First, the right time to go shopping for a new pair of shoes is in the evening. This is the time when your feet becomes large. Moreover, you may find yourself that one foot is larger than the other. In that case, buy shoes that fit in your largest foot.

  • Age

When buying shoes, remember that the feet changes as you age. That means it’s not only children who should measure their shoe size. You need to get the right shoe size, therefore essential to measure your foot. Moreover, standing on the foot and getting measures ensures you have accurate shoe size measurements that can fit perfectly.

  • Workout in the store before buying

The other significant factor that ensures you buy the right shoe is trying them. Choose the type of shoe you want and wear it. Walk around in that store to ensure you they are comfortable. In addition, you have to run in place when you know they are running shoes.

Testing the shoes is essential because it helps you avoid making the common mistake of buying shoes that don’t fit you perfectly.

  • Sole

Do you find the sole thick such that it can stand up your everyday wear? However, if the sole is thin, you will feel all your steps sore, thus can’t withstand more pressure. You need to avoid shoes that put pressure on your legs and ankles.

Your body requires flexibility and support. That’s the reason to pick a shoe that has a sole ready to take a pounding of your daily walking.

  • Material

Different shoes are made of a different materials. You can find those made of fabric and other leather. The good thing, leather and fabric shoes can mold to take the shape of your foot after wearing them regularly.

In the end, these shoes turn to give you the comfort you deserve. When you look at manufactured materials type of shoes, they don’t usually provide you with the flexibility. In addition, top quality shoes can provide you with support and durability worth paying more dollars.

  • Sport

The other thing to look at when buying shoes is your favorite sport you participate in. Perhaps you are an athlete or a weekend player. You need to research and identify the potential sports shoes to buy. And the same thing with other shoes, you have to feel comfortable.

When You Should Replace Shoes

Everything you buy wears out over time. The right moment will come and show you that it’s time to replace your shoes.

First thing, look at the heel of your shoes. When you wear your shoes, the heel starts becoming angled, and that alters all your steps. Therefore, this will cause pain in your back and legs. You can take your shoes for repair, and if not possible, the best option is to replace them.

Secondly, wearing worn running shoes causes you pain. The reason to feel uncomfortable is that these shoes have lost the ability to absorb shock. So, the right time you can replace these shoes is after covering 350 – 500 miles.

In addition, those running shoes that are older than a year may cause pain due to changes in their sole. That may result from exposure to heat and humidity. To prolong the life of your shoes, save them only for running. But you can wear and use old shoes for walking.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.