This Is The Best Way To Smoke Legal Cannabis Safely & Stylishly

Pre-rolled cones are the wave in 2021

Whether you’ve had access to legal cannabis for years or you’re gearing up for your state’s grand opening, it’s always a good idea to check up on the latest information, trends, and health and safety factors surrounding the uplifting herb. There seems to be so much happening all at once – how much can you buy at a time, what type or strain is right for you, and where and how can you enjoy your spoils in a convenient way that won’t bother others? 

Perhaps most importantly, how is smoking marijuana any safer than smoking tobacco? It’s touted as a medicinal, therapeutic way to ease our mental and physical tensions, but are some consumption methods healthier than others? You’re not alone in asking those questions, and today we’re going to focus on the health and safety concerns at the forefront of all our minds. But don’t worry, we’ll definitely be discussing how safety and style easily intertwine in the cannabis community.

To answer one of those questions right off the bat, inhaling marijuana smoke is, in most cases, healthier than inhaling tobacco. It’s fairly well known at this point that cigarettes contain carcinogens that can greatly affect and damage our health, especially with repeated use. Not to mention the nicotine in cigarettes and RYO tobacco keeps you going back for more so you continue inhaling those harmful chemicals. But with the legalization of marijuana and hemp (marijuana’s non-psychoactive, equally therapeutic cousin) also come strict regulations that require organic farming practices and other health and safety measures for both manufacturers and consumers alike.

That being said, our lungs are meant to inhale oxygen and oxygen alone. Inhaling any type of smoke or vapor can be damaging to your lungs, but research has shown that marijuana smoke poses far less of a threat than tobacco smoke. One of the main lingering concerns at this point is the combination of marijuana and tobacco in the form of blunts or spliffs (a blunt is marijuana in a tobacco leaf wrap and a spliff is a hand-rolled half marijuana, half tobacco cigarette). But thanks to some innovative and health-conscious companies, consumers can now enjoy tobacco and nicotine-free blunt wraps and hemp-based, unbleached pre-rolled joint cones. Among all of the incredible brands out there, though, no one seems to be as on top of it as RAW cones.

The founder of RAW, Josh Kesselman, got the idea to create additive-free, unrefined rolling papers way back in the ‘90s. Today, the RAW brand is one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis community – it’s more than a rolling paper or cone choice, it’s a lifestyle based around health-conscious, guilt-free, enjoyable smoking practices. Rolling your own joint is an art form made exponentially better with RAW’s unrefined papers. But as modern cannabis consumers like ourselves seek convenience, personalization, and style in our toking routines, it’s the pre-rolled RAW cones that really catch our attention.

Pre-rolled joint cones are exactly what they sound like: rolling papers formed into open-ended cones with filters/tips in place. They allow you to easily fill your cone with your favorite strain – because sometimes you need an Indica to sleep and sometimes you need a Sativa to vibe – in a matter of minutes. Before you know it, you’re sparking up and enjoying the soothing effects of (finally) legal weed. And when you choose a healthy, hemp-based, unbleached, chemical-free cone from RAW, you can puff on that bad boy without feeling guilty about inhaling harmful toxins.

With the convenience, health, and personalization boxes checked off,  we can’t forget about style. Picture it: you’ve put on your perfect summer beach outfit, complete with a sunhat, oversized sunnies, and that trendy bikini that finally came in the mail. You grab your hand-filled joint, hop in a rideshare, and hit the coast with those friends you haven’t seen in over a year. As you stroll along the shore and your toes sink into the sand, you spark your little health-conscious creation and finally take turns puffing and passing once again, knowing all the while you made a safe choice by going with RAW cones over any other brand.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.