The Absolute Best Glitter Eyeshadows For Long-Lasting Sparkles

Best Glitter Eyeshadows
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Glitter used to be super tacky and chunky back in the 2000s. Those unwearable formulas made us look like we escaped from kindergarten. If anything, we loved the glam feeling these sparkly particles were giving us! Thankfully, glitter is back in 2019 with a major upgrade – subtle, smooth formulas that glide on the eyelids like a dream!

Using craft glitter is a big no-no in time when the beauty industry is on the rise. After all, why risk your sight, when there are countless brands that offer bomb eye-friendly glitter products. After searching and testing for days and hours, we proudly present you with the best glitter eyeshadows to wear in 2019.

We gathered gorgeous hues covered in sparkles that will make your holiday makeup looks pop. Some of these eyeshadows are subtle enough allowing you to incorporate glitter into your everyday routine. Whether you want to go all-in with a sharp cut crease makeup or accent your eyes with shimmery inner corner highlight, these glitter eyeshadows will keep your beauty game on point.

The best thing – 2019’s glitter eyeshadows are super easy to use. We talk just-swipe-your-finger-over-your-lids easy! Yes, you read that right. These glitter eyeshadows will give you a glamorous look without the mess associated with loose glitter. Scroll down to discover the prettiest glitter eyeshadows you could shop this festive season.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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