Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Skintone


When we order jewelry, we often focus on our preferences rather than if it will look good on our skin. Similar to clothing, what looks good on your friend might not look good on you and vice versa, because we have different hues and natural shades on our skin that could clash with jewelry. Since jewelry often rests against your skin, use these tips to figure out how to determine which gemstones, metals, and sets will look great on you.

Skin Tones

There are three undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. If the base of your tone is gold or yellow, you’re likely warm. If you see hints of red, pink, or blue, you’re likely cool. Finally, if you have a mixture of both, you’re probably neutral. It’s often a misconception that darker-skinned women can’t be cool, and lighter-skinned women can’t be warm – but this isn’t true.

If you’re confused as to which skin tone you are, don’t just look at your skin. Pay attention to your veins on the inside of the wrist as green veins make you warm while purple and blue veins mean you’re cool. Neutral is a little more challenging to predict, but if you look good in almost anything, you’re one of the lucky few with a neutral undertone.

Other Ways to Determine Skin Tone

While looking at your veins is helpful, it may be challenging to determine your veins’ proper shade depending on your skin. If that’s the case, try these other methods:

The Color of Your Jewelry

Put on some gold or silver jewelry and decide which you look better in. For example, Diamondere has  a stunning selection of emerald rings that come in mostly silver bands. If you find that these rings would look great on your skin, you’re likely cool-toned. However, if a gold ring looks best on you, you’re likely warm-toned.

The Color of Your Clothes

Take a piece of white clothing, or a piece of white paper and hold it up to your face in natural light. If your skin looks more yellow compared to the white, you have a warm skin tone. However, if your skin looks pink by comparison, you’re cool-toned. Warm-tones also look better in off-white colors, while cool tones look stunning in sheet white.

The Color of Your Hair and Eyes

The color of your hair and eyes can give some indication of your skin tone. Those with green or blue eyes and brown or blonde hair are likely cool-tones, while brown, black, or hazel eyes paired with black, red, or strawberry blonde hair are likely warm-toned. Neutrals are almost impossible to determine based on hair or eye color.

Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

Yellow gold is commonly associated with warmer skin tones, which also pairs well with earthy colors such as green, yellow, brown, orange, and turquoise. Silver and white gold look fantastic on cooler skin tones and pair with brighter, vibrant tones like deep reds, purple, pink, and blues.

Two-tones jewelry can be iffy, so be sure to stay with colors that compliment both the metal and the jewels you’re setting in the ring, bracelets, or necklace. As a contrast, rose gold has remained popular because it’s so versatile and tends to work with both warm and cool skin tones.

Finally, diamonds look amazing on everything, so if you can’t choose, always choose diamonds!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.