The Boldest New Haircuts For The Man In Your Life


There’s no better time than 2021 to embrace a trendy new look. That applies to your man too. So it’s time to firmly point him in the direction of the barber’s chair. If you thought last year was full of creative styles, take a look at some of the best men’s looks on offer right now. They are some of the sexiest and most stylish we’ve seen. Whatever your guy’s hair length and thickness, there’s something to suit his masculine style. 

Check out undercuts and short fades to long comb-overs and even quiffs. Love your man with long hair? Then you’ll be glad to hear that braids and man buns are all the rage too. This is the year where grunge-style locks and sharp back and sides fuse. If your favorite man lacks in the hair department, this is your year too. No-messing buzz cuts are all the rage, so get him to check out the latest hair transplant techniques, and he will have the trendiest head of all.

Book your man 45 minutes relaxing in the barber’s chair, and it will have an immediate effect on your life. Make it a barbershop he will love with leather seats, hot towels and a shave thrown in. He’ll love it. Compare prices and refreshing his rugged good looks shouldn’t cost more than a refreshing round of drinks.

Our Top 5 Picks Of The Hottest Man Haircuts Around

Big Hit Textured Crop

Since the nineties, most men have avoided fringes like the plague. Usually, it was a wise choice, but this year they’re back in the textured crop. The good news is it’s fabulously flattering for the majority. A remix of the traditional short back and sides retains the length on top, cut for bold texture. It’s a sexy, messy, cropped cut that works best for men with thick, textured hair but looks great on them all. 

Volume Undercut Quiff

The traditional quiff is no longer associated with adolescents and a bevvy of healthy hair products. This year, the new version is a stunning grown-up hairstyle. Using a sharp undercut, a gentle sweeping finish and a blunt contrast, everything is in the cut. The right one will make it easy to maintain. Go for tapering through the sides and neck, with a fringe and length on top creating volume and texture.

Tapered High And Tight

If your man hates the shaved look and can’t be bothered with any styling, this one might be for him. This season’s high and tight has a superb tapered take. It’s extremely low maintenance but leaves him with something on top. It’s a trendy, sleeker version of the short back and sides; it’s a tapered look with a compact crop. The sharp finished cut and textured length will leave him on-trend. 

Rugged Man Bob

Long, unkempt hair is no longer the preserve of teens and rebels. Neither does it mean male grooming disappeared out of the window. This year’s creative scissor work for long hair is simply iconic. Mid-length hair with a rough, messed up look has the potential to look completely natural. The messy man bob is a work of art. The style works on any thickness, with layers to complement his face shape.

Bold Buzz Cut

The traditional buzz cut is now the domain of every modern discerning man. When the professional hair clippers come out, it’s time to display his nearly naked good looks. Gone are the days when this cut denoted a lack of individuality or creativity. It’s neat, styling free and it’s sexy. The best thing is if you decide your man is not blessed with a perfectly shaped head, it will soon be growing back! 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.