101 Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles for Long Hair 2020

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Want to spice up your long hair a little bit? Do you feel like it’s gotten boring, or starting to sit a little flat? Long layered haircuts are an excellent choice to bring volume and to change things up without necessarily going short. Layered haircuts and hairstyles for long hair are perfection – they work so well with trendy hair colors and balayages, and they are blissfully easy to style.

Which of the Long Layered Haircuts Is Right for You?

There are a few excellent options for long layered haircuts, and the one you choose depends a little bit on your face shape, and a lot more about your style and preferences. Don’t worry; I’m here to break it all down for you!

Starting the layering just above the chin is the best choice for anyone who wants to highlight their features, or who feels like they need a bit of structure. The layers can also be swept aside, and provide a side-swept bang effect. This is the best layered haircut for anyone with a longer face shape. This can be a big change if you are transitioning from solidly straight hair, and it might not be the best choice for those with round faces.

Starting the layers below the chin or just above the shoulders, and letting them get progressively longer, portrays a gorgeous, and refreshing image. It is a very clean way of layering the hair, and it flatters everyone.

On the other hand, if you want to play with texture and volume, and want long layered hair that is a little more wild, then having shorter, shoulder-length layers all around the crown, to break up the monotony, is an excellent choice. This makes the hair look much thicker and fuller at the shoulder, and is super fun and interesting.

Last way of doing it is perfect if you are a little nervous about layering your hair. Keep the layers to the ends, so they can create interesting and voluminous ends, without ever taking away from your length.

What About Styling Layered Hair?

The beautiful thing about layered haircuts for long hair is that they play really well with almost all kinds of styling. Waves and curls are the go-to hairstyling choice for most long-haired babes these days, and they pair extremely well with all kinds of layers.

Straightening the hair can look extra edgy, and it is less forgiving if you haven’t had an excellent stylist cut your hair. However, if you are careful choosing your salon, you are 100% safe.

As far as updos go, long layered haircuts can make things a little more complicated. If the layers are small and subtle, reserved for the ends, it shouldn’t be an issue. Ditto for graduated layering ” you can just brush the face-framing layers off to the side, or pin them.

However, a lot of the volume-building shoulder-length layers can make both ponytails and fancy updos difficult. Keep this in mind if you have a big occasion that will require an updo coming up.

Ideas for Long Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles

Do you think you know how you want your hair styled? Or maybe you would like a combination of a few different layers? Well, we’ve got more inspiration coming your way, with a ton of incredible pictures of long layered hairstyles!

1. Black Kissed by Auburn

In this long layered hair, the layers were kept to the bottom, allowing for the dark hair to flow beautifully. The textured layers at the ends were brought out thanks to a touch of auburn balayage.

2. Honey and Sunshine Layers

To perfectly frame the face without losing the long layered hair effect, layers were cut right above the shoulder near the front. Additional layers were done along the edges, and beautifully complemented the dark brown to platinum blonde gradient.

Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles for Long Hair


3. Lavender Layers

Nothing complements layered hairstyles for long hair better than gorgeous curls that make everything blend together seamlessly. In this style by Guy Tang, everything is amplified by the gorgeous lavender and silver dye job.

4. Painted Piecey Waves

Another way of doing layered haircuts for long hair is to gradually cut the layers so that from the front to the back there is a bit of an angle, like in this look. The layers are accentuated by a gorgeous ash blonde and platinum balayage, and piecey waves.

5. Queenly Layers

Richly dark hair can be made to seem even more lush and luxurious thanks to long layered hairstyles, like in this case. Shorter layers near the front add shape to the face, while longer layers along the sides and back create texture and interest.

Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles for Long Hair


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Written by Maya Adivi
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