How To Style Yourself With Hip Hop Jewelry


Hip hop is a genre that is about culture and music. It is known for making waves through its forceful social and political commentary. Moreover, it is a genre that goes beyond performance stages and recording studios; it sets trends in almost all aspects of life, including the world of fashion.

The essence of hip hop in the world of fashion is manifested in flashy jewelry. This remains such a fundamental part of hip hop culture up to this day. Furthermore, while different kinds of styles have been evolving throughout decades, hip hop jewelry’s basis stays the same.

The extravagant and awesome designs of grills, hip hop chains, oversized hoop earrings, and even four-finger rings are typical of hip hop jewelry. They are most likely made out of diamonds, gold, and platinum. Moreover, they serve the purpose of highlighting a rapper’s success, wealth, and prestige.

Hip Hop Jewelry: How To Style

The following are styling tips you can apply if you want to live your hip hop passion:

The Grill

When it comes to the world of fashion, grillz are a vital piece to almost every hip hop artist. A grill is a mouthpiece that is most likely blinged out. This is to make your smile shine brighter than usual.

This type of jewelry is not just for men. In fact, women are catching up with this trend too. This includes famous artists such as Madonna, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus.

How To Style

Grillz goes with almost everything. That is why it can be easy to style. Here are some tips:

  • If you plan to have a custom quantity of grill pieces, you might want to wear just one at a time. This should be on either side of your mouth. By doing so, you get an extra shine in your grin every time you smile.
  • It would be best to wear styles such as the yellow gold enameled grill and the two-toned diamond cuts piece selectively. This is because they are more in your face and flashy. You can opt to wear these during your night-outs if you want to get noticed.
  • The dripping diamonds style grill is a more subdued design but still has an extravagant and flashy effect. You can opt to wear these during occasions as big as your smile.

Iced-Out Encrusted Jewels

Ever since before, hip hop artists have expressed the “bigger is better” attitude. This also goes to bling: the more the bling, the better the jewelry.

Iced-out encrusted pieces are also known as diamond-encrusted pieces. They are worn by some of the finest hip hop artists there are today. In fact, Jay Z, one of the top hip hop artists in the world, is often seen wearing this type of jewelry.

How To Style

The following are tips in styling your iced-out encrusted pieces:

  • It is fine to mix yellow, rose, and white gold all together since they complement each other very well.
  • Combine white gold and sterling silver with any colored bling such as navy or black.
  • It would be best not to stack your diamond rings. Instead, you should wear them on different fingers. Moreover, if you stack your rings, it might not emphasize their beauty.
  • If you plan to mix all your colored ice, it would be great to only keep one color theme.

Chains For Dayz

When it comes to the hip hop industry, the chunky gold chains will always remain prevalent. In fact, artists these days are getting more creative with their pendants and chain looks.

How To Style

Here are some styling tips:

  • Chains are great for layering.
  • It would be best to mix tones; you can try out combining silver and gold.
  • Add a pendant to your chains to give them more beauty.
  • It is encouraged to mix chains with different lengths together.
  • Wear chains over or under your shirt.

Hip Hop Inspired Earrings

In the world of hip hop, everyone, whether male or female, wears earrings. This type of jewelry has always been popular in the industry, and they add up to your whole ensemble. Furthermore, you can check out a lot of great designs, from hoop earrings to studs.

How To Style

Below are tips on wearing your earrings:

  • For women, you can utilize all of your earring holes. Place your hoops on first and work your way to the top with smaller hoops or studs.
  • For men, it would look great to place studs on each ear.

Name of the Game

Hip hop artists are often seen displaying their names on either a necklace or a nameplate ring. In fact, Nelly likes to wear his nameplate chain and pendant around his neck to give himself a baller look.

How to Style

Here are some stylings tips you can apply:

  • It is okay to wear all of your nameplate jewelry all at once.
  • You can opt to place any name, either your nickname, boyfriend’s name, etc., on your nameplate piece.


Hip hop is not just a mere music genre. For some, it is considered a lifestyle. If this genre is your passion, then live it with pride. Moreover, don’t hesitate to keep up on trends and apply the style guide above.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.