Skeleton Watches – Perfect for Fashionable Men

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A wristwatch is one of the few accessories that every man can proudly wear. Therefore, it must reflect the person as much as possible. Most of the guys buy them for specific purposes, such as diving, hiking, or running,
while paying little attention to the visual aspect.

However, a fashionable man wishing to stick out from the crowd and attract attention from both men and women needs something more flamboyant. For those types of men, there is just the right style of wristwear
available – skeleton watches.

What Are Skeleton Watches?

These awkwardly named watches are one of the most beautiful wearables in the watch industry. By getting rid of the vast proportion of the watch’s dial, the numerous gears and wheels that operate inside the mechanical
movement get exposed, showcasing the magnificent work it takes to keep the mechanism running.

Not only are the spinning and swirling of the parts extremely eye-catching, but also the diversely designed intrinsics. It’s quite common that a skeletonized watch features variously colored miniature parts that come in silver, gold, rose gold, and blue, harmonizing ideally into
a complete masterpiece.

Skeleton watches are almost entirely mechanical (hand-winding) or automatic (winds automatically), with very few exceptions in the means of quartz-driven timepieces. Why? The reason is simple – quartz movement is just too straightforward in construction, providing limited opportunities for decorations and designing.

Types of Skeleton Watches

In broad terms, there are two types of skeletonized timepieces:

1) Fully skeletonized – such wristwatches have the whole dial exposed, providing the best insight into the mechanism’s intricate workings. A mechanical caliber consists of about a hundred parts, so with this type, the
vast majority of them are on display for all to see.

2) Open-heart design – this is not as striking as a fully skeletonized one in providing a glimpse into the workings through a small round cut. The cut uncovers the heart of the movement, a balance wheel, from which
comes the name of this design.

When comparing the two, the open-heart styling is more widespread and is adapted by most of the manufacturers that offer automatic and mechanical
timepieces. However, the fully skeletonized watches provide a lot more in terms of self-expression. Thus, they are perfect for men with a bold sense of style.

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How Much Do They Cost?

Regardless of the type, skeleton watches cost anywhere between $100 up to tens of thousands of dollars. The cheapest models come from Chinese manufacture, but quality standards at that price point may not be sufficient
enough. On the other hand, the priciest watches originate from world-famous Swiss luxury brands – they’re stunning both appearance and quality-wise but cost a fortune.

However, if you want a quality skeleton watch that ticks several boxes, including reliability and visual appeal, aim for anything between $200-$5,000.

Top Brands of Skeleton Watches

At a given price range, there are five watch brands that truly stick out from the crowd for their skeleton line-up – Bulova, Stuhrling Original, Hamilton, Orient, and Tag Heuer.


A famous American-Japanese watch brand of Bulova has consistently produced top-class skeletonized wristwear at affordable rates. The designs are bold, automatic movements reliable, and the selection vast. The timepieces from the Maquina collection are one of the top Bulova watches around, so go for one of these pieces if you’re after a flashy time-telling accessory.

Stuhrling Original

Another manufacturer that places a greater amount of emphasis to bold designs is Stuhrling Original. Although the watches are made in Chinese factories, the quality is surprisingly good – they are built to last and come in
such a sophisticated detail that surpasses even the greatest names in the industry. Moreover, Stuhrling’s skeleton watches cost a fraction of the price of similarly styled luxury pieces.


The skeleton watches from Hamilton may not be as flashy as with other brands but marvel in terms of reliability. Due to being Swiss-made, the timepieces are guaranteed to last, as well as offer the sophistication
prevalent to the Swiss industry. The Jazzmaster collection is the primary source for open-heart skeletonized wristwear.


Another watch brand that produces top-class open-heart timepieces is the pride of Japanese watchmaking, Orient. The brand may be in the shadow of the two greats, Seiko and Citizen, but outclasses them by a mile when it comes to timepieces with exposed dials. The variety of open-heart watches is comprehensive, and the prices are more than just appealing, staying
conveniently between $150-$300.

Tag Heuer

Compared to other brands on this list, the Swiss entry-level luxury watch producer Tag Heuer is the priciest. The sports-oriented skeleton timepieces feature beautiful designs and are equipped with stopwatch functions. The Carrera collection, which is probably the most famous line from the brand, has the best selection for fully skeletonized watches.

Why Are Skeleton Watches Perfect for Fashionable Men?

So, why should fashionable men wear skeleton watches? First and foremost, they’ve got so much to offer with their striking luxurious appearance. They’re not like any other timepieces with dull dials that die
away in the crowd – skeleton watches stand out and receive a lot of attention.

Another great thing is their suitability for a variety of attires and occasions. You can wear it for a job, a night-out to a club, a Sunday picnic, or a family
gathering – it won’t look out of place for any of the named occasions. Finally, a skeletonized timepiece can give you that special spark you might be missing in your appearance. Thus, grab a chance and give it a go!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.