Meet The Most Unexpected Trends That Are Taking 2021 By Storm

Meet The Most Unexpected Trends That Are Taking 2021 By Storm

Since the start of the pandemic, our fashion sense was put on the back burner. And who can blame us? The reasons to leave the house were only a few, even forbidden at times. So trying out the latest trends was an impossible mission. We are slowly starting to get used to the new normal. As a result, the 2021 trends have taken a bold turn. Scroll down to discover all the unexpected trends in 2021 you’ll want to embrace ASAP.

Modern Whale Tails

the most unexpected trends in 2021
Photo By @andreja_djokovic_/Instagram

The past decades still have a huge influence on how we dress and glam up. Yet, one thing we couldn’t have predicted is the comeback of the exposed thong trend. Although risky, whale tails are the perfect way to spice up any simple outfit. You can wear them with low-rise jeans or a skirt to give off an edgy vibe.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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