Painless Wax – Tips and Tricks


Waxing is indeed an effective way of removing unwanted hair growth. It is one of the most sought-after hair removal techniques in the beauty industry. However, a lot of people are hesitant about getting a wax appointment because of the pain!

If you are looking to get your first wax appointment or if you have your own wax machine at home

and are afraid of the pain you are about to feel during the waxing session, then read on!

This article will teach you all about waxing, its benefits, and tips and tricks on managing the pain during your waxing service! 

What is Waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal technique that uses wax to pull the hair off. Several wax types can be used, such as soft wax, hard wax beans, sugar wax, strip wax, and hot wax.

Waxing pulls the unwanted hair directly from the root, allowing your hair strands to grow thinner and in the right direction to avoid ingrown hair.

Your esthetician or wax specialist can remove any unwanted body hair growth, such as legs, arms, midriff, back, underarms, bikini area or bikini line, or your pubic area or what is also known as a Brazilian wax.

Brazilian wax is known as one of the most painful waxing procedures because the pubic hair is thicker and coarser compared to your regular hair, making it harder to pull.

Your esthetician can also wax your unwanted hair on your faces, such as eyebrows, nose hair, or upper lip.

Benefits of Waxing

  • Waxing removes hair from the root. 
  • It removes dead skin cells leaving you with smooth skin.
  • It allows your hair to grow thinner.
  • It allows your hair to grow in the right direction that can prevent ingrown hair.
  • Waxing makes your hair growth cycle slower.
  • It boosts your confidence.

Tips and Tricks for a Painless Wax Experience

If you are nervous about getting your first waxing appointment, here are some tips and tricks.


Exfoliate your skin a couple of days before and after your appointment. Exfoliating will remove dry skin and dead skin cells, and it will allow your hair to grow in the right direction, making it easier to pull off.

Use Hard Wax

Hard wax is one of the less painful wax types. It only adheres to the hair and not on your skin. The heat from the melted hard wax also opens your pores, making it easier and less painful to pull.

Time of The Month

Your period affects the sensitivity of your skin and your pain tolerance as well. Avoid getting a wax appointment for at least five days before your period. It is recommended to get your wax done around three to four days after your period since women’s pain tolerance is higher right after their menstrual cycle.

Stay Calm

Relaxing your mind and body can help you with diverting the pain. You can listen to music or watch videos on your phone as a way of diversion. Your muscles tend to tighten whenever you feel tense, making it harder and more painful to pull the hair off.

Grow Your Hair Out

Allowing your hair to grow for at least 1/4 inches will make it easier for your wax specialist to pull the hair off. If your hair is too short, waxing may not be as effective and can cause more pain and discomfort.

Over-the-counter Pain Reliever

Although this is not recommended for everyone, popping a pain reliever at least 30 minutes before your waxing appointment can help you ease the pain. Just a reminder, getting a wax even on the most sensitive part of your body is completely bearable!

Numbing Cream

If you have low pain tolerance, you can advise your esthetician to apply a numbing cream before waxing the hair off. A numbing cream is topical anesthesia that is applied to the area where hair will be removed.

Final Thoughts

I completely understand the fear of getting a wax because of the pain. However, since you already know about the tips and tricks on managing the pain, nothing will stop you now from getting your first waxing service! And I assure you that you will never go back to shaving again once you see the results! Let me know what you think!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.