How to Choose The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

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Gray Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Finally, the last option we would like to talk about is gray, about which certain misinterpretations exist. Some think having gray shade of hair means cutting the finish line of all experiments and possible variations. Still, this is only the beginning of a huge range of other possibilities and potentially successful combinations. In fact, the variations of gray shades provide an even bigger range of choices and highlights than blonde and brown. So on the way of finding the right shade you first of all need to figure out the exact hue that makes up your hair tone. Gray hair appears when the natural brown undertone starts fading. Thus if you want to change the shade of your hair to a certain gray tone, you need to recover that very shade that has been missing or has faded away. For instance when combining red with gray, you’ll get orange as a result of mixing the hues, and if you use some neutral dye with the same red you’ll have naturally beautiful hair.

The general principle of coloring gray hair is treating it as a blank piece of paper. The two-level principle does work here, too, using which you need to focus on the avoidance of too much red or gold, going a little lighter than when you were younger. This is because as we noted the pigmentation of skin lightens, as you grow older. Highlighting gray hair is quite tricky because you are always standing in front of the risk of creating some yellow plays. Instead of doing like that, you’d better go for an all-over gray color, after which can you only apply some highlights or lowlights.

Gray Hair Color for Lighter Skin Tones: As for the levels, we may start with the lightest skin tones suggesting using some creamy pale yellow or pure white gray shades for complementing the natural color. Avoiding shades like too intense golden is also important.

Red Hair Color for Medium Skin Tones: For medium skin tones, some more options are possible. Thus opting for creamy white or steely gray hues is a good idea too. In case your gray hair is naturally dark, opting for shades like bright silver are recommended. On the other hand, forget about too white hues, if your skin has some reddish undertones in it.

Red Hair Color for Darker Skin Tones: For the darker skin tones, the best accompaniments are the darker lowlights with some brighter and warmer color plays in between. Still, you need to be cautious about the yellow shades.

Finally, coming to the celebs who have successfully pulled off the accents of gray shade we may talk about the royal and classic looks of Dame Judi Dench, one of the craziest representatives of showbiz Lady Gaga, the shorter do of Helen Mirren, P!nk, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez, Jamie Lee Curtis, Paula Deen, Ruby Dee, and Nichelle Nichols.

Thus, as you saw the exact and suitable pick of the hair shade greatly depends on the knowledge about your own skin tone and the under toning hues that do matter in the overall creation of the color plays. When you acquire a certain shade of skin and hair, which, as we saw, are interconnected with common pigments, the range of your choices gets narrower and narrower, thus giving you a certain list of alternatives which will demonstrate maximum efficiency for the combinations. Taking into account the basic principles we talked about above, you’ll be able to go for the craziest and the most incredible combinations and highlights, thus achieving the goal of bringing in some changes, using your creativity for nice looks, and just for creating some fresh and gorgeous looks that will provide you with a good background for experimenting with new hairstyles, why not. We do hope these tips and know-hows were useful for you and that after looking through them all, you’ll be able to figure out all the answers to your questions about the picks of hair shades and the principles of being effective and impressive enough.


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