Most Trendy Hairstyles for College Students in 2020-2021


While you sit home during global lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may experiment with your hair and get ready for school days. College students should pay special attention to their appearance, not to fall behind their peers. It is time for your total image change! Mind that 80s fashion is back in trend. Also, the past few years are still dictating original approaches to hair cutting and styling. We will list the most convenient, simple, and stylish ideas for your hair below.

The Taper Cut

If you prefer volume on the top, this hairstyle might work for you. As the 80s fashion returns, more and more young people change their images, respectively. While some prefer long hair like heavy metal bands used to have, others would rather choose this option, which stands for the gradually shorter hair as it goes towards the back. The best thing about this model is that it requires almost no maintenance and goods to keep it up.

Comb-Over Look

If you have just entered college, you may impress others with this simple yet stylish haircut. Sure, you should first wait until the global lockdown is over, but this comb-over look will suit you even while staying at home. Some young people complain that they start noticing the signs of baldness too early. You can get familiar with the reasons for getting bald earlier than expected.

Cowlick Look

You won’t be able to make this hairstyle without having the sides undercut. Your hairdresser should also make sure that your hair has to be coarse. Cowlick look is currently one of the top seasonal trends. It is enough to have several gels to keep your hair in good shape. You do not need someone to help you with your image. Lay back styling goods and fix your hair.

Hint: If you spend all night doing your hair cut or styling, having forgotten about your homework, you may turn to an essay writing service or use some apps for writing. It will increase your chances of catching up with the deadline.

Long Top With Short Sides


Once again, this option works the best for the guys who wish to obtain more volume for their hair. It will create a long-lasting effect of washed and stylish hair. The secret is to keep the hair on the top long. Mind that long top, short sides suits best those boys who have hair of the medium length. The sides should be brief. This is a striking choice for male college students. They might add waves and texture. It looks best of all on the top.


We are not talking about highlights that you make in your college notes by underlying the keywords. We talk about highlights that hairdressers use to make your image more expressive. No matter how dark or blonde your hair is, highlights help to add a light color. It will create an excellent image. Your college peers will be jealous of your look as you will be playing with the light.

Braided Bun

It is no longer popular to have straight, long hair as your preferred hairstyle. Fashionable girls would rather choose a braided bun. Every female college student can quickly make a braid and go studying. Braids are always fresh and are excellent for most images. Once you are done with the bun, do not worry about your look for the rest of the day.

Sleek Ponytail

Do you have long hair? You are a lucky one, and most female students wish to have the same length. Girls with long hair think that they need the most time to get ready for college. However, this style is simple and fast to make. You may also add a lock of hair to the scrunchie to get a maximum luxury appearance.

Modernized Top-Knots

Students are always in a rush, especially in the morning. They have to have their breakfast, dress up, do a few exercises, check their bags, and take a bus/car to school or walk on foot. That is when making modernized top-knots will help a college girl. It is both messy and fun. It is not for adult women, but girls are crazy about this idea. Though this hairstyle looks like it was done in a rush, it is still attractive.


Of course, you should care more about your health and appearance nowadays, but you will go to college one day. It is your chance to get armed to the teeth and impress all the pretty girls and boys. Even your professors will be amazed if you change your image. While some of these hairstyles require some effort and style product, others require little to no investments from your side. Even if you do not have a personal hairdresser, you may try one of your own recommended models at home. Who knows – perhaps, it will push you to open your own barbershop one day?

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.