Helping You Achieve Weight Loss


How many of us have seen the articles about various celebrities and how they’ve either toned up their muscles or achieved a phenomenal weight loss goal? Most of these people have help in the form of physical trainers, nutritionists to create specialized diets, personal chefs and coaches to keep them focused on the goal. Normal people, aka the rest of us, don’t have those luxuries. We can’t afford to pay someone to create a diet that balances our taste buds, nutritional needs and fat-burning goals. We can, however, afford to take some of the supplements celebrities take to help them reach those goals.


So, what do we know about how acarbose weight loss occurs? Acarbose has been medically proven to be effective for people with severe obesity. The key is to use the acarbose supplement in connection with a low-calorie diet and increased exercise. Medically, acarbose is prescribed as a drug to assist Type II diabetic patients with their disease management. Worldwide studies of the drug have led to the conclusion that it works best with patients of Asian heritage because of how it interacts with their unique DNA.


Another prescription drug used for patients with weight management issues is called orlistat. This drug requires people to increase their exercise, also. It works best when that increased daily exercise is paired with a diet that is both low in fat and calories. Specifically, orlistat stops your body from ingesting some of the fat in your foods. Therefore, it should not be taken without eating at the same time. If your meal doesn’t contain a lot of fat or if you skip a meal, you can skip a dose of orlistat, too. Orlistat has been studied in patients with a variety of obesity-related health problems. It’s been helpful in many instances.


Low-dose naltrexone is another prescription drug used to help you lose weight. The reason it has to be “low-dose” is that naltrexone contains an opioid. To prevent addiction and related withdrawal side effects, manufacturers keep to a lower, safer dose that does the job without the unwanted negativity. In what seems like a theme, naltrexone works best in conjunction with a daily exercise program and a low-calorie diet. Naltrexone has been studied in patients with diabetes and it’s been discovered to both have no negative effects and be effective in helping those patients achieve their weight-loss goals.

Even if you can’t afford a celebrity-style diet program, you can still achieve your health and weight-loss goals. Many of these drugs have been studied so thoroughly that they’re available over the counter now, too.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.