Best Prom Beauty Tips to Take Into Account


Prom is one of the occasions to which young ladies are looking forward to with an extra-overwhelming anxiety and impatience. Still, the flawless looks for this occasion require months of preparations and a clearly planned schedule of to dos. So, some useful beauty tips may also be quite helpful and important for the ideal and impeccable combinations. So, here we are going to speak about the best prom beauty tips to have you looking and feeling fabulous come prom.

Prom Party Preparations

The Perfect Prom Dress

Starting with this part, we may first of all advise you to determine the style of the dress, the hairstyle and makeup, and this should be done for about 3 months before the day. When picking the options that look maximum effective you need to take into account a number of facts including the type and the shape of your figure, the complexion, the skin tone that matches a certain type of makeup and hairstyles, etc. You can choose your dress from a variety of options and styles from classic to retro. Some trendy techniques that your dresses may encompass are drapings or options with glittery details or textures.

The Prom Party Shoes

When choosing the shoes you need to find the ones somehow combining the comfort and the beauty, and it’s also a good idea to walk around the house in those shoes to break them a little bit before the prom to feel comfier then.

The Party Handbag

In order to have ideal looks, you need to work well on every detail. Picking the right handbag is another thing you need to do carefully and tastefully. Pick it to match your dress and the shoes in order to have everything in harmony.


You can also complete your looks with a great but, of course, tastefully picked pile of jewelry, including all of the items from necklace to rings. Making them match the overall color palette of your outfit, you’ll be able to get the most enviable looks ever!


This is also very important, and you need to find the exact scent for you, accentuating your personality and completing your beautiful looks. Not everyone knows how to choose your signature perfume, and it’s not only your likings that matter here, but also the occasion and the season of the year!

Perfecting the Skin and the Hair

It is also important to have your hair and skin ideally prepared and healthy to demonstrate their beautiful looks to the full. For this you may use some conditioning treatments for the hair weekly a month before the prom and to use some moisturizing products to keep the skin fresh and revitalized.

Final Arrangements

After having made sure you are picking everything right, you need to think over how to make all that work together. After that you should also take care of booking the appointments in the beauty salons, and the final fitting of the dress just to make sure all fits well. In order to perfect your looks to the full, you will also need to get you nails done in a week before the day.

Prom Beauty Tips

Passing to the general prom beauty tips and tricks you may use when getting impeccable and enviable looks, we can talk about a range of points, which go as follows!

Pretty Prom Hairstyles

In order to perfect your hairstyle (in case you’ve decided to make it yourself), you’ll need certain products to make the do last long and gorgeous. And to make this work you need products like,

• foundation, which will add some hold to the hair when used for damp hair (this can be a volumizing mousse, a flexible gel or just a hairspray),

• styling product, which may be a spray protecting against heat, or a flexible hairspray,

• cream being opaque and delicate to set the final touches.

Sizzling Prom Makeup

As for the prom makeup, there is again a range of products you may use. We can enumerate options like,

• primer, which will help your skin look better narrowing the pores and creating a smooth and soft effect,

• tinted moisturizer, which hydrates the skin and adds some healthy glow,

• light bronzer or powder blush, which will add a sweet tone to the cheeks,

• chic lipstick and/or a lip gloss for the ideal sassy lips,

• mascara, preferably a waterproof one, to use as a final brushstroke for the eyes.

Hiding Imperfections at the Last Moment

When a sudden unexpected and urgent thing arises like a zit or an inflammation right on the eve and you don’t have time for complicated treatments, simple tricks may greatly help you. For instance, you may make it less vivid really quickly using an ice cube, which you need to place on the zit for 30-60 seconds and continue the treatment with a tissue moistened with eye drops for some 3 minutes more. Or you may make it work with makeup products, using a concealer applied with a tiny brush and softly fanning it around and on the problematic area to blend with it and to hide it. In order not to remove it, you may use patting motions instead of wiping, and this also refers to the way of adding the powder foundation, which will add some additional coverage. This might be tricky, but it is effective if you manage to do everything right.

Prom Makeup Tips and Ideas

1. If you want to get your lipstick last longer than usual you may apply the color, blot it down carefully with a tissue, add some powder to it and repeat the application of the color.

2. Talking about the overall complexion you should get with the makeup, we may emphasize the importance of lightening it up instead of going too dark. This in some cases also refers to the lips, as extremely active red or other dark shades are ultra-sensitive and attention requiring, but you shouldn’t be focused on your makeup instead of enjoying the day, right?

3. Avoiding glittery and shimmery textures for cheeks and the body in general is a good idea. This will create an extra undesirable feel of being over-groomed and kind of overdosed with makeup, and certainly that’s not what we are aiming at. Thus matte is what you should give your preference to for prom.

4. It is also important to line the eyelids correctly, thus concentrating on drawing the line from the center to the outer lid, avoiding outlining the whole eye, which will cause the eyes to look smaller.

5. In case you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can use options like a shimmery white powder applied to the corners of the eyes.

6. The proficient blend of the concealer, the foundation, the contouring and the eyeshadow is very important to have the natural and chic looks.

7. Go as natural and gorgeous as possible. This will create a better feel of being naturally cute and sweet than in case of showing the existence of heavy makeup.

8. Use some facial masks for revitalizing the skin the day before the prom. This will create the proper background for the makeup application. Simpler techniques may include some lemon scrubs done at night and meant to brighten your skin. After its application it’s also recommended using a moisturizer.

9. The sequential combination of the moisturizer, the primer, the foundation and the powder all applied to a clearly scrubbed face can be a good technique for making the makeup last long.

10. You may also use some false eyelashes to accentuate your eye makeup and to make it more impressive and eye-catching.

11. Try to balance everything including the colors on the face. Thus, you may combine the dark eyes with natural or pale shades of lips or vice versa.

12. For picking the right shades of the eye makeup, you may go for the traditionally unfailing options like a metallic cream shadow applied from the lash line to brow and carrying that sassy gold or bronze hue, finished off with some brown eyeliner to highlight the look. This can also lead to the smokey eyes, which can be achieved by adding some charcoal shadow to the lid and the lower lash line. To create a counterbalance and some contrast, you may also try a coral blush or a peachy or pinky nude lipstick. More attention-gathering looks may be achieved with the help of bolder shades for lips.

13. Experiment with curious and potentially effective shades like rose-gold, which will preserve the feel of being natural and on the other hand will add some chic and luxury to the looks. This is also a universal option for any skin color and makeup concentration.

Prom Hair Tips and Ideas

14. Use a dry shampoo even if your hair is clean and clear. This will help you make the do easier and better.

15. Also, it would be great if you knew how to match the hairstyle with the neckline of the dress you’ve chosen. In this way, it is recommended going for an all-down do if you have a strapless dress, a type of updo in case of gowns with a V-neck, side swept options for one-shoulder-offs, and updos for halters.

16. In any case, the classics are a never-fading and a never-dying option you can always opt for if you want some unfailingly chic results. This primarily refers to the combination of the hairstyle and the makeup.

17. You can go for some luscious curls or waves for a romantic and girly feel, of course, if this may be matched with the right shape and design of your gown.

18. Pick the hair accessories wisely. There is a wide range of accessories you may try out for completing your hairstyle, but still you need to be careful and attentive to create the combinations harmoniously. You can go for some trendy solutions like headbands, but don’t go to extreme lengths and overdo anything.

19. You can always opt for trendy and everlasting hairstyle options like ponytails of all types, still you need to be careful with dos like braids, to preserve the modern feel and the stylish looks.

20. You may also try to work on the hair color a bit and one of the options of doing this is adding some highlights to the shade of your hair. This is recommended doing weeks before the prom to have some time for fixing the look, if the shade doesn’t go well enough or if that’s not what you wanted.

Prom Nail Tips and Ideas

21. Apart from getting everything done from dress to makeup, it is also important to pay attention to the nails. Thus, you need to create some unique and matching looks in case of your nails as well, still not going to extreme lengths again. For instance, going for an animal-print is not what your best looks might include. The shapes of the nails also need to be classic, excluding the variants like pointy nails or the gothic-inspired options.

22. Don’t hesitate to pick a bold shade. This is the case when being bold and adventurous might help you with the ultimate results. Thus picking a bright and daring shade for nails is a good idea.

23. Keeping the nails neat and short is also a do, which is maximum comfortable and equally beautiful when decorated correctly.

24. Try to pick the shades that match the color of your dress and that of your makeup. For doing this, you need to know the compatibility of the shades and the ways according to which they may be combined.

Other Prom Beauty Tips

25. Do whiten you teeth either at home with some DIY techniques or going for specialized procedures. However, if you prefer to do that at home you may do that with whitening products or with the help of certain mixtures like the one with a bit of toothpaste and 1 tsp. of baking soda, which need to be mixed well with half tsp. of water and used after you gargle the mixture of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 mouthwash.

26. Another thing that’s recommended doing before the prom is waxing the eyebrows. Still, this is not something that needs to be done hours before the prom. There should be at least a 24-hour gap between them. Still, of you haven’t managed to do this and there’s no time left, you may just style them with a brush or an eyebrow comb and make them remain like that using a bit of styling gel.

27. Have everything you might need for perfecting you looks. That implies having a compact and helpful touchup kit at hand, which should include the lipstick, some blotting papers, the perfume you’ve picked, some bobby pins, an antiperspirant, breath mints and other tiny details of this kind making the pack of everything you might need right away. This needs to be well-planned though, since taking into account the small size of the purse you’ll probably have, you need to consider the things you want to have, picking the most important ones first.

28. Finally, going for maximum subtle and delicate looks is the key to charm. This means that you shouldn’t overdose with any of the makeup products or the overall combinations, instead trying to be natural and just beautiful.

29. Try to pick some weightless and light scents for the day, as there will probably be a lot of varieties of heavier scents and perfume there. Just be the subtle one.

30. Finally, just be self-confident and enjoy the day to the full!

Thus, here were the most important and significant prom beauty tips and tricks we would like to introduce to your attention. Taking them into account you’ll be able to have the most impressive and unforgettable looks for that important and happy day!


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