10 Best Hairstyles for Black Men – Make a Style Statement Right Now


Hair styles can change your personality. Let’s find out the Best Hairstyles for Black Men. Moreover, with the New Year just around the corner, who wouldn’t like a change? 

True, styling black hair is not easy. A lot goes into it. Also, changing your hairstyle again and again is a hassle. 

Therefore, we are only going to include those hairstyles that won’t go out of style.

Got your attention, haven’t we?

Generally, people are reluctant to deal with Afro hair. But, the truth is that if it is handled properly, it is so much fun to work with. 

Best Hairstyles for Black Men – Evergreen, Easy to Do and Stylish

With the current lockdown, focus on maintaining a great hairstyle. Moreover, we have included some tips to maintain your Afro hair at the end.

So, let’s dig in!

Read on to see some of the best hairstyles for this year.

1.     Long Pulled Back Dreads

We start off with long hair. Yes, the thing I have noticed with black hairstyles is that black men like to grow out their hair. 

Have you noticed that as yet?

Long hairstyles are a thing associated with them and:

Oh my! Do they carry that well!

You have a choice here. Either you keep it rough –messy. Or, you can go ahead and maintain it well. So, it depends on what you are looking for.

These work perfectly for rocking the hippie look!

Furthermore, pairing your dreadlocks with a cool durag will do you well. That will also help with keeping them in place and giving off that pulled-back and neat look.

2.     Crisp and Short

This is a style that has been in fashion since forever!

Not only does it look neat, it gives a very formal and iconic look. 

Best of all: 

Maintaining it is a piece of cake. Reason being, the shortness of the hair. 

The most popular hairstyle is the Flat top.

Remember Will Smith in The Fresh Prince???? 

Yes, that is what I am talking about! However, do see if the exact one suits you, or do you want to go with certain modifications.

Even though it has been there for a long long time, it can easily be tweaked a little to fit the modern man. 

Certainly, the end product is so smart and cool; I can’t see this hairstyle losing its coolness ever.

3.     Cornrows

Undoubtedly, a very common hairstyle amongst black men is the cornrows. Again, you can be innovative with this hairstyle.

Style it any way you like!

You can either go for longer cornrows or shorter. This style works perfectly well for both types of hair. Personally, I love long wavy cornrows. 

Don’t they look nice? 

Par these up with a stylish durag and you are good to go. But, for this, don’t just go and buy the first durag you lay your hands on. 

A mismatched durag is not only going to look bad, but it is going to ruin your entire hairstyle. Therefore, if you have wavy hair, find the best durag made specifically for wavy hair, right here, right now!

4.     Senegalese Twists Bun

Are you tired of your deadlocks? 

I have just the perfect alternative for you. Senegalese twist are surely the style trending in 2020. Couple that with a bun on top and you have the perfect summer style.

Not only will it keep your hair off the shoulders and neck, it will be perfect to keep the sweat away from your hair too.

On the other hand, you can be creative and use a durag to tie up half the hair in a bun and let the rest loose.

Wow, that’s called killing two birds with one stone!

Style and comfort. Nice.

5.     Buzz Cut

Do you have a clipper lying around? 

Let’s pump things up and get down to work.

buzz cut is perfect and can be done at home too if you want to. Moreover, it includes a variety of hairstyles that give a super crisp and neat look.

It works perfect for men with sharp features and accents their features more. 

Want to know an amazing tip?

Couple your buzz cut with a taper fade on both sides.

Yes, stand out from the crowd with this unique idea!

6.     Mowhawk Hairstyle

Finally, were you waiting for this?

A Mowhawk is a hairstyle for the people who want to try something different. This is one style that is popular amongst black men and others alike. 

Overall, it gives a very distinct look. Moreover, there are so many ways you can style this. Hence, it is popular among the younger generation a lot.

But, people are reluctant to try it as it seems too daring at times? 

 Don’t worry! We will tell you how you can tone it down a bit.

You can either combine it with curls on the top or even add in twists for a little flavor. 

Want to give it a very masculine look, supported with a beard.

Oh, wait!

Want to look young and dashing?

Throw in a clean shave and see how your look changes!

7.     Natural Afro

Undoubtedly, natural black hair is nature’s creation and oh what a creation it is. So, at times, let it loose and enjoy life. 

There are days when you feel like letting it loose. These are the days you should let your hair down and enjoy. It looks very elegant, classy and unique.

8.     Shape – Up

One of the most unique hairstyles, the shape-up is best if you are not looking to spend hours maintaining your cut. 

Even though it’s a haircut which has minimal styling involved. Still, precise cutting is the key here. If done right, it can give a very elegant and crisp look to black men. 

Moreover, I find men with a shape-up cut very impressive. 

For this, keep a bristle brush with yourself to maintain this hairstyle.

9.     Braids 

This hairstyle has been here for centuries. It falls in the category of both a classic style as well as a modern one.

How is that possible?

Well, it depends on how you style them. 

Tip: Always go to a barber who knows what he is doing. Braids are very time consuming and if done wrong, will not only look bad but can hurt you also. Moreover, it can ruin your hair.

10. Mid fade

The mid fade is another classic. Many men find the perfect balance by getting a mid fade.

I can’t blame them as it looks really cool!

Couple it with some textured waves to give it the oomph factor.

So, you can see the 10 Best Hairstyles for Black Men here. But, the most important thing is to maintain them. Of course, you can’t get your hair done every day. Thus, follow these tips and tricks to maintain your hair and keep it shiny and healthy.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy? 

Once you have got your hair done, you need to maintain it. Of course, washing it daily is no longer an option. 

Therefore, keep these tips in mind to keep your hair healthy and shiny:

  • Always use a hair moisturizer. If you have just got your hair done, you can still use it
  • Secondly, you can use a hair wax from stopping those little hairs from getting all messy.
  • Cover your hair when the weather gets too hot. Hence, as we mentioned earlier, use a durag for this purpose.
  • Use supplements for hair shiny if recommended.


Which hairstyle did you choose amongst the 10 Best Hairstyles for Black Men?  Surprisingly, these are not just restricted to black men, but works best for everyone else.

Certainly, hair does face some damage when being tied down. But, our tips to maintain your hair will help you out in this aspect.

An advice:

Don’t go with the flow! Don’t see what others are doing. You should go for a hairstyle that enhances your features, brings out the best look in you and defines you.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.