Extravagant Hairstyles and Hair Colors for Women

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If you are looking for some extravagant and extremely creative solutions for changing your hairstyle radically, the options we are going to present right now are just what you need! Here we are going to speak about the craziest and the most extravagant hair colors and hairstyles for women that you couldn’t even imagine! Just have a look and find the one you need!

1. Color your hair in bright orange and red, complement it with nice cuts of the bangs and the front framing hair and have the Phoenix-like hairstyle that will accentuate your personality and gift that creative and great looks to you.


2. Go for messy and colorful. For the craziest combinations you can experiment both with the colors and with the textures. Thus you can create a messy and voluminous hairstyle combining that with controversial colors like sky blue and burning red. The results will be just dumbfounding.

bright and bold hair colors

Photo By @women.hair.inspo/Instagram

3. For even bolder looks, you can combine all of the above-mentioned texturing and patterning with shorter hairstyles like bobs. This will definitely look personality starting and revolting.

The Brightest Hair Colors to Try in 2019 orange hair

Photo By @behindthechair_com/Instagram

4. Picking an extremely extravagant and different side sweep with a clearly noticeable side parting, a super sleek or even shaved half and a strikingly bright color texture for the other, you get yet another extravagant hairstyle look. This is, indeed, effective.

5. If Mohawk is what you would like to have without cutting your hair, you can create an absolutely stunning Mohawk hairstyle for the central part of the crown and still have the messy and straight long hair for the both sides.

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Written by Rima Kh.
Rima is a great fan of arts, poetry, cultures and fashion. She's interested in everything that's extraordinary and different. Find her on Google+