Extravagant Hairstyles and Hair Colors for Women

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6. Using folds for shorter hair is another option, for which you may have the bluntly cut bob for the whole do and spice it up with a slightly folded layer of hair going from one side to the far end of the back of the other, to accentuate which you may just have a shade different from the rest of the hair.

short bob with bangs

Photo By @shmeggsandbaconn/Instagram

7. Going for colorful and super straight hair with some front falling layers going over the bangs is another cool alternative for you. This is again one of those hairstyles, for which we may say, “Pick it if you dare”.

8. If you need a cool hairstyle for a costume party or carnival you may become the cherry lady! Covering your hair with thingies like cherries on branches you will turn yourself into a walking tree! What a piece of extravaganza! You may also combine this do with some braided details for an even better effect.

9. Creating a super voluminous and high updo resembling a beehive, still having a totally braided texture from the top to the bottom is another fab idea. Messy touches is what can complete this do best of all.

10. Going punk and extravagant, you may opt for a mohawk with some sleek side parts, styles with O-rings covering each knot of the braid running across the side.

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Written by Rima Kh.
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