Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

Have you ever dreamt of resembling one of those uber-spooky and creepy characters from your favorite horror movie, dressing up in a strange costume and spending a crazy night with your friends, forgetting about good manners and behaviour and doing stupid things with complete impunity? Well, the terrifically funny Halloween is exactly for you and what you need to do now is determine your unique costume and look for this much-anticipated holiday.

Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

Some of the most traditional Halloween scary images include those of a witch, a zombie, a vampire or a skeleton. Since makeup plays the most important role in your dramatic makeover, we want to teach you now how to do a Halloween skeleton makeup look with a modern spin. Inspired from the uber-successful and popular “Born This Way‘ music video of Lady Gaga, this Halloween skull makeup tutorial will help you embrace your darkest side, scaring everyone around as you make an appearance at the party!

How To Do Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull Makeup

Unlike everyday makeup looks, Halloween makeup requires more profound makeup skills, however, if you are a beginner, you should know that practice makes perfect. So make sure you practice creating this look prior to the big day to make sure the outcome is just as flawless as you expect it to be! Here are all the necessary products and tools for doing this skeleton makeup:

• White face paint
• An Intense white watercolor
• Black makeup base
• Black eye pencil
• Black eyeliner
• Black and gray eyeshadows
• Makeup brushes

Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

Step 1: So naturally you should start doing your Halloween skull makeup from your face. Make sure you carefully cleanse your face and apply some tonic or lotion to remove any grease. Now, start to whiten your entire face, applying some white face paint and blending it well using a makeup brush. You need to cover all your face with this white shade, including your lips.

Step 2: Using the black eye pencil outline the skeleton eye (NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black), and then fill it in with an intense black eyeshadow, blending it all well.

Step 3: Draw some small curved lines above the brow line at both the ends of the eyebrows using the same eye pencil. Now, apply a more intense white shade between the two drawn lines to highlight the area and make it pop (Make-Up Atelier Paris Watercolor in White).

Step 4: Draw semicircles on both the temples with the black eye pencil. Fill them in with black eyeshadow, blending it all with some gray color in the middle the way that the edges appear darker. Create a shadow between the outer edges of the eyes and those semicircles using the same brush without adding any more product.

Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

Step 5: Using black eyeliner, draw two small parallel lines from the center of your nose down, making sure the second one is a little bit lower than the other one. Next, crisscross the lines, which will create the ideal bone shape on your nose. Then you need to sweep around the sides of the nose. Now, fill in that area with a black makeup base and then apply a black eyeshadow over this.

Step 6: Take the same black eye pencil and draw the outline of the cheekbones and the jaw as shown in the photos. Fill in the spaces between the lines with black eyshadow or black face paint.

Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

Step 7: Moving to the mouth, take the black eye pencil and start drawing the teeth. First you need to draw a long thin horizontal line towards your earlobes crossing both the edges of your mouth. Separate that big horizontal line in two halves and start drawing small parallel vertical lines crossing it, trying to create the teeth. You need to draw the same number of lines on both the sides, making sure you make the “teeth’ look symmetrical.

Step 8: Start blending the teeth lines with a thin brush and some black eyeshadow. Fill in the spaces between the lines with the same pigmented white watercolor you used for the top part of your brows. Then try to join the edges of the lines on the top and the bottom.

Step 9: Apply black eyeshadow between the cheekbones and the teeth and blend it gently. Create some black shadows on the cheekbones and the area under the eyes and around the nose to give some dimension to the look and to make your skeleton makeup look more realistic.

Step 10: As a final step, apply some black eyeshadow around your hairline and blend it well. Finally, sculpt your neck slightly with the same white and black face paints. As an optional step, you can also go for some white contact lenses to make your look way more dramatic and eerily beautiful!

Attention!!! Our advice is not to go out wearing this makeup on a daily basis, but rather master the techniques of perfecting the look for the spooky Halloween only!

Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

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