The Street Staples You Need to Look Chic This Season


The street icons wear whatever they want and pair unexpected things. They like to have fun in fashion – it’s not always about what looks best together, but what feels best. If you are one, you probably understand the necessity to express yourself through fashion. Although the street-ready outfits look innovative and hard to decode, there are some staples that almost everyone from the cool crowd owns.

Some of them are timeless, others are an extension of the latest trends. The main point is that everyone can master the street style trending at the moment if you are aware of the most important fashion staples and how to wear them. We already have our eyes on all the latest trends and mistake-proof outfit formulas, so we practically did all the work for you! Consider this as your ultimate guide to the most up-to-date street style essentials and feel free to bookmark it for later.

One of the season’s staples when it comes to outwear is a statement coat. The past year brought maximalism at its finest and we are going to have more of it in 2018. So, besides your go-to neutrals, you need a coat in a color that screams “Look at me!”. For laid-back moments put your puffer in action which will instantly transform you into the coolest person around. Don’t be afraid to pair it with vintage skirt and high-heels. As a street style master you don’t have to follow the rules all the time – dare to set up your own.

One of the biggest staples of the street icons is the oversized sweater. No matter the outfit or the occasion, this is one of the most versatile fall/winter pieces. You better get yourself one in at least every neutral color. We already have a guide on how to put this piece in action, so don’t hesitate to check it here.

Don’t limit yourself to oversized sweaters when it comes to relaxed silhouettes. Wide-fitting trousers, giant scarves, jackets are some of the loose pieces you need in your closet. We don’t have anything against curve-hugging clothes, but if you are an aspiring street icon feel free to keep it comfortable and stylish. In the spirit of comfort, the “ugly” sneakers are the best thing that can happen to your feet and your style this season.

For more street style staples flip through our gallery and pin your favorite looks.

Oversized Scarf

The street staples you need to look cool this season oversized scarf black sweater and gray jeans

Photo By @aylin_koenig/Instagram

Keep it stylish and warm with a giant scarf. It’s always better to pick one in a color that will add life to your outfit.

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