How To Choose The Right Watch Design To Match Your Outfit


While wearing watches is a timeless classic, you need to be cautious of how it matches your wardrobe to avoid any mismatch since this conveys a negative message. But where should you start?

If this is a cause of concern for you, worry not as there are always watches that’ll fit your outfit–as explained by With this information in mind, you’ll make the best use of your wristwatch, a fashion accessory that makes you look stylish.

If you want to achieve perfect symmetry between your outfit and wristwatch, here are six useful tips you should put in place:

Choose A Suitable Brand

When deciding which branded watch to buy, you first need to consider your budget and style. Also, you should make sure to buy a watch that’s well-built as it uses materials of exceptional quality. To confirm whether the watch is genuine, inspect the serial number inscribed on its bracelet. Moreover, you should only purchase your wristwatch from a reputable seller to ensure it’s authentic.

If you’re on a tight budget, an excellent way of getting a genuine and high-quality watch is by buying a pre-owned one.

Factor in Your Outfit’s Formality

Watches come in two types: either analog or digital. When choosing which is the most suitable one to wear, you need to factor in the formality of your clothing. This is crucial because the designs of these watches differ. Therefore, it’s wise to remain very particular, especially when dressing for an event.

If you’re headed to a formal occasion, analog watches are the ideal choice as they have a more formal appearance, perfectly matching your outfit. You should also opt for a watch with a leather band as this looks more formal than wristwatches with metal bands. Furthermore, you should opt for black leather since this looks more formal than brown leather.

In contrast, digital watches, which are characterized by a huge LED digital display, have a sporty look, making them the right choice when heading to informal or casual events. Watches that have gold or silver bands are a perfect match when you’re dressed in elegant attire.

If you want a timepiece that matches well with your casual outfits, such as tees and jeans, get one that has a worn-in and rugged leather bands.

Choose Straps For Belts and Shoes

It’s crucial to make sure that your watch’s strap matches your shoes and belt. For example, wearing a timepiece with a brown strap when wearing a black belt and black shoes looks awkward. Instead, try and match the colors of the straps to your belt and shoes.

The best way to reduce the chances of a mismatch is by finding a color wheel online that shows the colors that blend with each other. With this in mind, you can tell whether the straps of your timepiece will match with your outfit.

Metal Matches Metal

If you want to achieve uniformity in your dressing style, matching your watch’s metal case to your waistband is essential. The available finish options for your watch case should either be crystal-studded, shiny, or matte.

Also consider the metals used in making the case–with the popular options being gold, silver, titanium, or platinum. Therefore, to ensure a better pairing, make sure to wear a watch whose metal case is of the same color as that of your belt.   

Make Sure To Wear Outdoor Watches Outside

Outdoor watches are usually well-insulated, hence it’s capably to withstand extreme weather.

However, you must never wear an outdoor watch when dressed in formal attire as this will ruin your style and takes away the attention from your attire. Therefore, make sure to only wear an outdoor watch when dressed in casual wear and heading out for the weekend.

Decide Which Style of Watch Suits You

Watches come in many different styles, and the right one is down to personal preference. The designs available to choose from include the pilot watch, chronograph watch, field watch, diving watch, and the dress watch.

When deciding which of these styles to buy, you should consider the watch’s durability, accuracy, technology, practicality, size, shape, and style. Once you know this, it’ll be a lot easier to narrow down the watch that best meets your needs.


Choosing a watch of the right design and one that matches your outfit is essential as it plays a massive role in determining your confidence level. If this is something you often struggled with, reading this article has provided you with useful tips to ensure the watch you wear matches your attire.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.