The Best Formal Leather Briefcases for Business


In today’s business world, your image is everything. Think about it, if you walk into a meeting with your shirt untucked or wrinkled, people will immediately think of you as unprofessional. If a client is choosing to do business between two firms and the representative from one firm is far more put together in their image than the other, that put-together person will most definitely get the job. So, in business, we must think about absolutely every detail when it comes to our appearance.

First, our shoes must be polished and clean. Next, our pants must be completely pressed and wrinkle-free. Then, our belt must look new and attractive. Our shirt must be tucked and pressed. And our suits must be perfectly clean with our ties straight. Plus, our hair should be cleanly styled. But, as mentioned, the details matter most of all. So, be sure to accessorize your look in style. Having the perfect accessories to go with your business look could really seal the deal above any other competition. This includes your leather briefcase. Nothing says professionalism like a classic leather briefcase. For women, we can get away with carrying a stylish purse for business, but men really must have a formal leather briefcase to show the world that they mean business, quite literally. So, be sure to check out the range of premium leather briefcases at here, as they are truly the best around.

What Aspects Should You Look for in Your Leather Briefcase?

First, when picking a leather briefcase, you should pick a style that is clean and chic. If a bag is too busy, it will be distracting. You don’t want your bag to distract from any of your meetings or presentations. So, keep it chic and simple. This means sticking with a nice black or dark brown color, as well. Any brighter colors will draw too much attention to your bag. Remember, it’s there to accessorize and accent your look, not to stand out and take away attention from you.

Next, your briefcase should have only a few pockets and compartments. Too many compartments will be distracting, but if you need smaller front pouches for business cards, highlighters, or pens, then, you should get a briefcase with those pockets on it. However, if you don’t need that space, then go for a cleaner look. Be sure it fits your needs with the compartments, and never get one with more extra pouches than you need. Many come with holders inside for your pens and important office supplies, so be sure to take that into account when purchasing your briefcase.

The design you pick should look masculine enough. If it looks too feminine or like it is a “murse”, it may be distracting. So, the cleaner and masculine the style, the less distracting it will be in the end.

Next, be sure to think about the strap detailing. Do you want a shoulder strap? Does this style fit for you? There are plenty of options available out there without shoulder straps that you can carry in your hand like a true briefcase. There are also options available that have a removable strap option. Be sure to really think about this detail and see if it is right for you or not.

All of these tips aside, it should still showcase your personal style. So, be sure to keep true to your own look. If something mentioned above doesn’t quite fit your personal style, dismiss it. Being true to your own style in fashion is always key. The Vonbaer bags we mentioned above have all of these qualities and then some. So, be sure to look to them for your next leather briefcase endeavor.

All in all, be sure to remember that your image is everything when conducting a business deal and be sure to pay attention to every detail of yourself as you stroll forward to take on the world.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.