Are You A Little Bit Country? How To Perfect The Country Girl Look


Any kind of rustic or vintage style has the possibility to either be overdone and end up looking like you’re trying too hard, or it can be just very cheesy and the opposite of stylish.

And the country girl look falls into this category. Sure, you love Texas line dancing and can clean a barn like the best of them, but it doesn’t mean that you need to look like Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane. Even looking like that country music icon Dolly Parton would be way overdoing it.

So, how to make your country girl style look effortless and totally natural? Well, that is the trick so read on for some tips that can help you achieve the look that you are actually going for.

1 – It starts with jeans

Not just any jeans, but western jeans for women. These jeans fit much differently as they are not designed for just walking around town or sitting in a Starbucks. These jeans are made for riding horses so they are not only durable, but they fit so comfortably.

If you have a bit of curve, then these will highlight that in a good way. They form to fit without any sag so they contour to your curves and then flare out around the calf. When you see those kinds of 90s style hip riders, then you were seeing jeans that were inspired by these exact types of jeans.

Usually they have a little bit of stretch and are really soft so they do work well even if you aren’t roping a horse.

2 – Get some boots

Cowboy boots for women are very tricky. It will take a bit of time to find the right ones and you should definitely not jump right into it. If you buy the wrong ones, they will not only be uncomfortable, but they might not work for your desired country style you’re going for.

Most cowboy boots have a very pointed toe. They have this design as you would need to be able to slip them through stirrups. If you have trouble with your toes in high heels then cowboy boots may make for a tough fit. There are new designs, however, that have less of a pointy toe and are more squared while retaining the classic look.

Sizing is rather difficult with cowboy boots and the general rule of them is to go down a half size to find the right fit. Maybe even a full size. When you try them on they should feel tight. Not so tight that you can’t get them on or off, but they are going to break in. And if they aren’t tight when you buy them, then when they do break in they will end up loose and uncomfortable.

The design of the boot is going to make or break your look. They shouldn’t be too shiny or rigid as ones with a well worn look will exude comfort and give you that natural look you’re going for.

The heel height also varies so you will have to find the ones that give you the height that suits your style.

3 – Accessorize

To seal the look, you’ll need to go for some classic accoutrements. You definitely do not want to overdo this part. After all, too much of a good thing is not good at all. 

You should start with a belt for those perfect jeans. Obviously the buckle is going to play a big part in the whole affair. It is what just speaks that country girl language and should be right for your personality. Big is good. Gaudy is not.

Also, a necklace and big bracelet will play a part. Think about earthy colors and materials. Something with a copper that has a nice worn patina on it with some kind of gemstone adds a nice touch.

Should you wear a cowboy hat? Well, a real country girl would probably wear one while working on the ranch, but on the streets it’s probably best to give it a pass.

4 – Keep the makeup minimal

You don’t want your makeup to compete with your outfit so just use enough to highlight what you want and then call it quits right there. Some foundation to give your skin an even tone and maybe some concealer around the eyes. Plus some eyelash mascara will help to highlight your eyes. Some lipstick that is somewhat matte and understated is also a good way to go for the natural country girl look without overdoing it.  

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.