Great Ways To Improve Hair Quality As A Man


It’s not surprising that the world today has high expectations for a man’s general look. And, without a doubt, a man’s hair is a crucial part of his overall appearance. Therefore, there’s a lot to keep in check, for instance, when to get a haircut, the products to apply, length, and style. Sometimes, all of that can be too overpowering.

But owing to the ever-present biases on grooming, every gentleman should improve their hair care to look more polished, collected, and confident. As such, you have to deal with hair growth challenges, like breakage and greasiness, with the best men’s conditioner to boost your hair quality.

Understanding Your Type of Scalp

In this guide, we show you the tips to enhance the overall quality with what to/not to do while growing your hair. But, first, you have to understand that taking care of your hair will require you to start from the scalp. Even if the hair follicles are dead, the scalp produces an essential oil, sebum, that hydrates and moisturizes your hair.

So, before using any hair products, you must familiarize yourself with your type of scalp:

  • Oily Scalp – Having one will always make your hair look naturally oily/greasy regardless of whether you’re not handling it frequently. Therefore, your products should lean more towards balancing and strengthening, rather than moisturizing and hydrating.
  • Dry Scalp – This type usually produces dandruff. So, you’ll need to gravitate more towards hydrating products, shampoos, and conditioners for this type of scalp.
  • Normal Scalp – A normal scalp is honestly better than both oily and dry ones. This type will require you to find an equilibrium between strengthening and moisturizing products.

Now that you’re aware of the different types of scalp, here are great ways to improve a man’s hair:

Wash Hair With Lukewarm Water and Dry Naturally

While having hot baths can certainly be soothing, it’s not the same case with your hair. Hot water spells doom for your hair because it dries off the natural oil from your scalp, leading to split ends and frizziness. Similarly, cold showers cause the blood capillaries in your scalp to contract, leading to reduced blood flow. As such, your hair won’t receive the essential growth nutrients it requires. Thus, it’s best to wash your hair with lukewarm water.

The healthiest way to dry hair is to air-dry it. However, if you’re running short on time, you can either use any of the following ways:

  • Blow-Drying – Apply the lowest heat settings and leave the hair at damp.
  • Appropriately Using the Right Hair Tools and Products

Don’t use a hairbrush on wet hair because it easily tangles in the brush bristles, and can be easily pulled out. Therefore, when styling wet hair, do so with gentle movement while using either a wide-toothed comb or your fingers.

Further, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your hair with hair products such as hair gel, hair wax, or even hair spray. However, overusing the products will bring out a heavy and unnatural appearance. Additionally, shampooing your hair often will dry natural oils off of your hair faster. Therefore, you’d rather rinse your hair more with water and shampoo twice or thrice a week.

Use Headwear Sparingly

Sometimes, you might want to spice up your dressing with a hat or a stylish cap. While at it, avoid making your headwear extremely tight as it may pull too much on the hair roots, causing damage.

Similarly, tight headwear limits blood circulation to the head and scalp, making your hair less healthy. For instance, men who participate in sports, like horse-riding, that involves the helmet rubbing against the scalp most of the time may suffer from friction alopecia. This temporary condition makes hair to easily fall off.

After all, trimming your hair regularly, presumably monthly to a month and a half, will ensure your hair looks neat to the point that you won’t need to put on caps or hats frequently. As a tip, try to get your haircuts during the mornings because your barber will most likely get tired as the day progresses.

Maintaining Good Health and Stress-Free Lifestyle

Creating a healthy hair routine will necessitate you to exercise often, eat healthy foods, drink enough water, and have sufficient rest. Additionally, to have that vibrant hair, you’ll need your food consumption to contain plenty of nutrients such as Vitamin C, D, and Zinc.

Further, staying positive will ensure that you live a stress-free lifestyle. Stress can restrict blood flow to hair roots by tightening the scalp, which, in turn, hinders nutrients flow. Regular scalp massages soothe it, making it healthier for your hair.


Men’s hair is probably the first thing that people notice about them. Therefore, having good quality and healthy hair will definitely turn heads your way. As such, we believe that with the tips above, you’ll have less hassle while grooming your hair besides maintaining that shiny, elegant look!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.