Kitting Out Your Closet With Custom T-Shirts: Expert T-Shirt Design Tips


If you have the urge to create your own unique t-shirts instead of purchasing generic designs, you can ultimately customize your entire wardrobe with a bit of expert knowledge. While custom design t-shirts are increasingly popular, avoiding generic and bland designs may initially feel a bit overwhelming. However, with these expert tips, you will be able to transform any ordinary t-shirt into a unique and stylish outfit.

Find A Quality Printing Service

Regardless of how vibrant and detailed your designs are, the quality of the printing service you opt for will determine the result of your t-shirt creation. Therefore, it is best to consider affordable quality printing services, such as MeowPrint: Custom T-Shirt Printing Singapore, and other similar services to help you create trendy t-shirts. When it comes to evaluating whether a printing service is worth it, reading through customer reviews and testimonials is usually a suitable approach.

Hunting For Inspiration

Once you have settled on a printing service, you will need to capture inspiration. As casual t-shirt wear has taken over fashion trends for millennials and younger generations, searching for ideas won’t be at all restricting. Although, there’s no doubt you want to create custom t-shirts that genuinely stand out, so hunting for inspiration should not be limited to searching Google for images of custom t-shirts. Instead, you can push your creative boundaries by finding inspiration in other avenues. You may discover that scrolling intriguing artwork sparks inspiration, or perhaps abstract digital art creations are more up your alley of interest. Finding inspiration will help you gather the groundwork for your designs.

Know Different Visual Design Styles

Anything art is extensive, and knowing the different visual design styles of custom t-shirts will add to your design expertise. The various visual design styles include minimalist, cartoony, typography, photography-based, vintage, and a few other design styles. Grasping a clear visual design style concept will help you start each t-shirt design with a detailed creativity plan. However, you will also be able to merge different visual design styles to create exceptionally unique designs.

Vector Images Are Best

Unless you are using photographs, vector images are best when handing over your designs to the printing service. This is because vector images can be scaled up and down without losing quality, as pixilated images would. Creating vector images promises high-quality results. You may need to delve into graphic design concepts when creating images for your t-shirts, although the knowledge will be invaluable to your journey as a t-shirt creator. You can use software such as coral draw or even photoshop, and in many cases, the provided tutorials are enough to start using the design software.

Typography Details

Typography custom t-shirts are often considered the easier of the visual design styles to attempt for beginners. However, typography is not merely placing wise or inspirational words on a vector image as it explains the creative way your text is showcased in the design. Therefore you will need to consider all the details, such as font styles and creative lettering. Typography can also be used as either a primary design element or a complementary element when using illustrative or artistic visual designs.

Understanding The Vibrance of Colors

Every designer knows the importance of colors in design work. While throwing together any selection of colors might not seem like a bad idea, it is essential to understand which colors will work best to give your finished product the best overall look. You will need to comply with the color of the garment for the design. In most cases, it is best to decide the garment’s color after you have completed your design. However, it would be best to consider design principles such as contrasting colors, complementary colors, and others. Therefore, light-colored designs should be paired with darker garments and vice versa.

The Composition Of Your Design

The composition of your design explains the creative way you have aligned all the design elements. These elements are text, images, and color selection. The composition of your t-shirt design is by far the most vital factor of t-shirt design. To achieve ideal design composition, you will need to focus on your t-shirt design elements and ensure elements are balanced instead of overpowering one another. It will take a bit of trial and error when creating your first design. However, as soon as you can truly grasp the principles of design composition, your expertise as a designer will flourish to extraordinary new heights.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.