15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella (Whenever It Will Be This Year or Next)

Since Coachella has been pushed back and pushed back, we have decided to reflect on our favorite Coachella looks for future inspiration. One of the biggest trends of the year is the use of bohemian braided hairstyles in order to add a fun but sweet and laid-back look to our outfits. Every girl loves a good braid in any case, which can turn a simple ensemble into an epic and complete creation. When it comes to braid inspirations, you will really want to try out some of these braided hairstyles for Coachella to rock the festival with your own fabulous beauty.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place on an annual basis and is normally held in the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. It is such a fabulous event located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert, started back in 1999 by Paul Tollett. Occurring during the second and third weekends of the month of April generally, it offers many different genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, electronic dance music and others. Since it is not simply a music festival either, it includes art installations and sculptures to please the eyes and the minds of many who find their way into the Coachella Valley. Those who happen to attend the festival will be treated to a wild array of exotic talents found under the different tents and on the different stages, including the main Coachella stage, the outdoor theatre and a look into the Sahara, Gobi, Mojave and the Oasis Dome. Over the years, notable celebrities have graced the festival’s grounds with their presence and entranced us with their voices, throwing us into a day of fun, music, arts and good times all around. These include Prince, Wu-Tang Clan, The Killers, Madonna, Kanye West, Eminem, Beastie Boys, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers and so very many more.

Coachella is that one music festival everyone seems to know about, particularly in the United States, wherein in the past year alone there were over 579,000 attendees over a six day period, grossing a record breaking $78.3 million USD. With that min mind, it is clear that many an interested individual will be heading over to the festival this year as well, both this weekend and the next, in order to enjoy the impressive creation that is now known as the best festival in the country and join the thousands who take the weekend off to enjoy great music, great food, great company and great fun throughout.

The plaits presented below are big and positively badass, the coolest form of chic you can opt for. Here is what you can do with your hair for Coachella!

1. Bedhead Pigtail Braids

If you are lazy, love your frizzy locks and want to really take the latest dishevelled hair trends to the next level, opt for the bedhead pigtail version of the braids, most of which is left tousled, strands falling all over the face, and the actual braids themselves in twists or with multiple weaves in one to create an unkempt but somehow still sensual style.

Effortlessly Cool Half-Up Dos Ideal for Hot Days half up double braids

Photo Credit: @krischbeauty/Instagram

2. The Wet Effect Braid

We are talking a pretty French braid with an added twist. We already know that one of the biggest trends on the runways for the full year is the slicked back, wet-looking styles which leads us to the wet version of the French braid, tied at the nape and the dry pieces falling low down the back in pretty waves. It has a just-out-of-the-shower feel to it while still looking slick and young and festival ready.

Next Level Braids two braids

Photo Credit: @annisophie_/Instagram

3. Beach Waves and Baby Braids

If you love the beachy texture, which you undoubtedly do if you are from near the shoreline no matter which state or country you have come from, this is the look for you that combines wild fun with sweet youth all in a single hairstyle. A collection of baby braids are made, possibly pulled into a half up look or simply descending as a rope down the center of your locks that are frizzy, wind-tousled and sun-bleached.

Prettiest Hairstyle Ideas for Fall braided half updo

Photo By @kristin_ess/Instagram

4. Peek-a-Boo Braids

The coolest little braids ever actually peek out from behind the ears or are hidden within the straight strands of hair you are sporting. They add a bit of mystery, a touch of unique character and a whole lot of fun to the way you present yourself at the festival. There is something very flirty about the look, which, when combined with the cherry red lips that are so in for the season, are more than just a little enticing.

Prettiest Hairstyle Ideas for Fall loose braid with ribbon

Photo By @kayleymelissa/Instagram

5. Knotted Double Fishtail Braid

The name says it all. There are fishtails involved; two of them. And there is a knot involved. Add ombre hair that starts off a dirtier blonde at the top and ends in platinum at the ends, finesse with your hands in making the perfect fishtail braids and a tied up knot in the center of the back of your head and voila! You will certainly be impressing everyone.

Stylish Boxer Braids Hairstyles


6. Princess Braided Updo

If you want to look like the princess you are, still have a slight frizz to your locks for added texture and combine both the bun look and the braid, then you can certainly opt for this style that encompasses your entire head, coiling about and looking somewhat medieval in how it comes together. It is certainly a look that we wholeheartedly recommend.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Halo Braided Updo


7. Dutch Braided Bun

If you want to look positively chic but still sport the braid style, you can opt to pull it into a side bun as well, going with a Dutch braid that moves from one side of the head to the other and is fastened into a coil, with bits of bangs left loose against your forehead and brushed to the side for a maximum sophisticated festival look.

15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella: Dutch Braided Bun

8. Side Braid with a Twist

For those of us who positively love side braids while also opting for a fishtail look but want to look unique at the Coachella festival, adding a neon colored ribbon, woven into the locks is a grand idea overall. It gives a pop to the tresses while still appearing quite chic, though showing off a strongly individualistic personality that fits perfectly with the festival theme.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double Braided Ponytail


9. Half Up Woven Braid

If you do not have a hair tie on you, then have no fear! You can easily still do a braid, but weave both sides together to create a half-up half-down look that will melt the hearts of all those around you while appearing to show off immense skills. Plus, the half up look is totally in style for all of the year and you can be trendy while enjoying every moment of the musical event.

15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella: Woven Braids

10. The Knot Braid

The artistic ladies out there will all agree that we love knotting our hair. It is a strange love for something that causes tangles and the like, but there is something rather satisfying in the act. Now, we can make those knots look so very good in a braid style, where we combine the two versions of doing up the hair and come up with a side swept look that even we end up admiring every time we come across our reflection.

15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella: Knot Braids

11. The Twisted Braid

Everything does seem to be better with a twist, whether it is referring to storylines or hairdos. Here, longer hair comes in very handy, as a romantic style is created that reminds us of olden days but still remains perfectly relevant to the modern times. It has a romantic touch to it and a sweetness that makes it perfect for festival that is all about artistic talents.

100 Ridiculously Awesome Braided Hairstyles: Half-Up French Braids


12. The Edgy French Braid

There is something really edgy about working with braids, particularly when you include volume, tousles, waves and a feeling of rocker chic. You can use a French braid to fake an undercut as well, creating a bit of a faux-hawk with the braids falling from the sides and the center teased up for a great amount of volume at the crown. It is positively perfect for a festival outing in general.

15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella: Edgy French Braids

13. Romantic Braided Updo

Romance is in the air and what better place to enjoy a date than the Coachella Music and Art Festival in sunny California. If you want to keep your hairdo romantic as well, we suggest opting for the braided updo that consists of you making two braids on each side, tying them in the back of the head to one another and tucking the rest of your hair up in through the braids, pinning them into place. It is an amazing look that you will certainly not be unhappy with.

15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella: Braided Updo

14. Super Sleek Four Strand Braid

Not all braids are done with three strands. They come in two strands and four strands and even five or six strands. They come looking messy or in a Lara Croft style-sleek do. It literally is the perfect edgy style, with the four strands making the braid look more three-dimensional while the top knot that it falls from creates an other-worldly, almost futuristic feel to the whole look. Smokey eyes just finish the job.

15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella: Four-Stranded Braid

15. Braid Within a Braid

If you are doing a single braid, why not do two? That’s how we think anyway. And that is how many festival goers around the world think overall. After all you can look quite adorable while showing off your braiding skills. Just take two strands, one from each side, braid them to the back so they are meeting, and then braid them together downwards to make a pendant on a chain look in your hair. It is, without a doubt, a breathtaking festival look.

15 Killer Braided Hairstyles to Try for Coachella: Braided Braid

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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