How to Make “Quarantine Hair” Work for You


At this point, we’ve all heard of “Quarantine Hair”. It’s that dreaded hair that we’re all dealing with after being stuck in our houses without salon access for close to three months. And the reality is that most of us are facing “Quarantine Hair” right now- at least those of us who do get our hair colored and who aren’t savvy enough to do it ourselves. Well, salons are opening back up now. That means we can go get it fixed right? That’s mostly true.

Maybe you don’t feel safe going out yet? Maybe you can’t book your stylist yet, as there is surely a back-up at salons? Or maybe your salon isn’t open yet? Maybe it re-closed? Then what do we do?

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe we can find a way to make our “Quarantine Hair” work for us during this time? Here are the ways you can take advantage of “Quarantine Hair” before heading back to the salon.

Grow Your Hair Out

Those of us who color our hair occasionally say that we wish we could grow our natural hair out for one reason or another. Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity? If we’re already halfway there, why not commit the full way? Growing out your hair is an extremely healthy move. Continually dying our hair damages it, so getting our hair to a point where it is all virgin and clean can give us a healthy foundation for the next hair journey we want to go on. We can start over with our healthiest hair yet after it has grown out. This can help make your hair color look better, too. Sometimes it’s really hard to go from one color to another when you already have roots that are another color. This way, you can start fresh with one color from your solid, natural color. Or maybe you’d like to see your natural color for a change? Allowing your hair to fully grow out could be a great choice for you, then! You can experience your true hair color for a change.

Get Rid of Split Ends

If your hair has grown longer than you’d like in quarantine, perhaps wait another month or two so it’s the longest it’s ever been. First, that provides you with an opportunity to see how your hair looks at a longer length. But aside from that, when you do go in to see your stylist, the more you cut off from your hair, the less likely you are to have split, damaged ends. So, grow your hair out as long as you can get it while you’re not really going out. This way, when you go in and get it cut much shorter, your ends will be that much healthier, and your hair will be that much bouncier after removing so much weight.

In the end, it’s a healthy, refreshing experience to not be visiting the salon as often as normal. We do tend to overdo it on our hair a lot. So taking advantage of “Quarantine Hair” for another month or two may just be the best thing you can do for yourself.


Keeping Your Hair Fresh During the Chaos & Aftermath of the Pandemic


Written by Malorie Mackey
Malorie Mackey is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Malorie's first published book entitled "My Playboy Story: Hopping from Richmond to Hollywood" was published in 2017. Since then, Malorie's short story "What Love Has Taught Me" has been published in the anthology "Choices," and she has been writing and blogging about travel and adventure in hopes to publish her next book about travel soon. She believes that everyone should enjoy a little adventure in their lives. Check out