Keeping Your Hair Fresh During the Chaos & Aftermath of the Pandemic


With salons having been closed for months, I’m sure most people’s hair is not up to the stylish par it once was. Now that salons are slowly reopening, we are facing the new challenge of fighting to schedule a reasonable time to have our hair fixed up while every other woman in the world is doing the same.

Perhaps, during this time before we can see our regular hair stylist, we can find some exciting ways to spice up our hair before going to our long-awaited hair appointment. Well, of course you can! Here are some ideas to keep your hair feeling fresh and fun before you’re able to step into a hair salon again.

Temporary Color

While many offices are allowing employees to work from home and while we’re not flooded with social events, perhaps it’s time to completely change up your hair color. Have you ever wanted to have a wild tint in your hair? Many brands offer temporary hair dyes that will keep your hair a fun color for a couple of weeks before slowly fading back to your natural color. During the Pandemic, I dyed my hair rose gold, and it looked amazing for two weeks and then faded back to normal. So, if you have a few weeks before you can see your hair stylist, why not go for it? What do you have to lose?

Play with Hair Masks & Serums

Keeping up with the health of your hair is very important. While you are waiting to see your stylist and while your hair isn’t being seen by everyone you know, use this time to experiment with hair products. Keratin products always perform best for my hair, so try Lasio or other Keratin-rich products to see the best improvement on your hair. Davroe’s hair masks are another great option to try. The odds are that all of these products will improve the health of your hair tremendously, but be sure to try them one at a time to see what works best for you. This way, if one isn’t working for you, you can know and since you’re not seeing your friends right now, it’s okay if your hair isn’t its best.

Give Your Hair a Break from Any Blow Drying and Heat

Since we’re not lining up to go to any major parties, concerts, or events, this is the ideal time to give our hair styling a rest! Before you get your hair done, let it grow out as much as possible, and be sure to stay away from the hair dryer, curling iron, or straightening iron. All of these items create a lot of heat which damages your hair. Instead, allow your hair to dry naturally while you are staying at home and waiting to see your stylist. You should feel comfortable in front of you family with your hair in its natural state, so let it stay natural, and let it get healthy!

Re-Envision Yourself

If we’re not going out and seeing people like we were, perhaps it’s time to truly re-envision ourselves. Maybe we can try all of the above- get a new temporary color (who knows, maybe we’ll love it and it will become our new permanent color when we see our stylist), find our new favorite products, and get rid of any heated tools for a while. By doing this, you are creating a new identity for yourself- a new look. There’s no time like the present to see yourself in a different way, and maybe this break can force us to try new things? Tell us about your new look in the comments below.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
Malorie Mackey is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Malorie's first published book entitled "My Playboy Story: Hopping from Richmond to Hollywood" was published in 2017. Since then, Malorie's short story "What Love Has Taught Me" has been published in the anthology "Choices," and she has been writing and blogging about travel and adventure in hopes to publish her next book about travel soon. She believes that everyone should enjoy a little adventure in their lives. Check out